Law Enforcement Presence at Spring Street School

Law Enforcement Presence at Spring Street School, March 30, 2023

Sheriff’s Office News Flash

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is currently gathering information on an altercation between two students at the Spring Street International School that occurred on Wednesday, March 29, 2023. Currently, there are no reports of injuries or credible threats directed towards the school or other students.

During the evening of March 29, information was received that at some point during an altercation, a student allegedly made a claim of feeling bullied and allegedly made a comment of possibly bringing a gun to school. The Sheriff’s Office was informed that the student involved in this alleged comment has been suspended and will not be on campus today. The Deputy that responded to the initial call met with the parent and involved student. There was no probable cause for a crime at that time and the student was taken home by a parent.

A detective is at the Spring Street International School March 30, gathering statements and an investigation is ongoing. There is currently no credible evidence of direct threats to harm anyone at this time. Out of an abundance of caution, the Sheriff’s Office has an extra presence around the schools today while facts and statements are gathered.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s vehicles that were seen outside of Friday Harbor High School on March 29, were there for a previously scheduled training session unrelated to this investigation. The school district has been very helpful and accommodating by allowing the Sheriff’s Office to utilize the gym for training sessions outside of the school hours.

Thank you to the Spring Street International School and San Juan Island School District for working in close cooperation with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office to ensure the safety of our young people and our community.