Kevin Taylor to be charged with second degree murder

[WARNING: The following story may contain details too graphic for some of our readers.]

San Juan Island resident Kevin Patrick Taylor, 53, has been charged with two counts of Murder in the Second Degree-Domestic Violence and one count of Malicious Mischief in the First Degree–DV for allegedly bludgeoning his wife to death with the barrel of a rifle in their Friday Harbor home.

According to Prosecuting Attorney Randy Gaylord, Taylor is being charged with two counts of murder in the second degree because that crime cant be committed in two ways: intentionally without premeditation or during the course of another felony, which in this case is assault.

“The purpose of charging both at this time is to provide notice to him that we will be presenting the case in this way,” said Gaylord.

During his pre-trial appearance on Sept. 6, Taylor’s arraignment was scheduled for Friday, Sept. 16 and bail was set at $1 million. Taylor is being represented by San Juan County Public Defender Colleen Kenimond and Mark Kaiman of Bellingham.

“We seem to have a homicide in the county every five years. This is our second in two weeks,” said Sheriff Ron Krebs, referring to the murder-suicide of two Minnesota men on Lopez Island on Aug. 26.

San Juan County dispatch received a call from someone in a Friday Harbor residence at 1 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 3. It is unknown who made the phone call. A deputy arrived on scene 20 minutes later, and saw a Jeep with its flashers and alarm going off. When the car alarm stopped, he heard music coming from inside the residence. He walked to the deck, where the sliding door was open, and saw Julie Taylor deceased on the floor, with blood pooled around her head. According to the detective’s report, she had severe trauma to her head, and a broken rifle was lying nearby. The barrel was covered in blood.

Her husband was sitting in a recliner and allegedly said to the deputy, “I got her.” After he was placed under arrest, and more emergency personnel arrived on scene, Taylor allegedly told an officer, “She was going to divorce me. I couldn’t let that happen.” The detective also wrote that he said his wife had poisoned him. He was transported to Peace Island Medical Center to be evaluated by emergency room staff. Taylor was medically cleared and booked into the San Juan County Jail.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers discovered notes on the kitchen counter that said: “I don’t feel a heartbeat, I win!! Bitch,” “I hope she died,” “She forgot to kiss me goodbye,” “She told me too soon,” and “I win.” According to Gaylord, the Taylors had been married for 25 years.

The Washington State Patrol Crime Scene Response Team arrived on the 7:30 a.m. ferry to process the scene.

Evidence collected by the response team will be used in the investigation and court proceedings.

“WSP is very meticulous and very good at their job,” said Krebs.

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