Join Superior Court Services in celebrating ‘Start by Believing Day’ supporting survivors of abuse

Submitted by San Juan County Superior Court Services

San Juan County’s Superior Court Services Department joins the global campaign, Start by Believing, encouraging community conversations to raise awareness, reduce unconscious bias, and provide resources to help improve outcomes of those impacted by sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and child sexual abuse. The community is invited to join Superior Court Services staff on the Courthouse lawn on Wednesday, April 3 any time between noon and 2 p.m. to be part of this important community conversation.

“Start by Believing is one way to promote a community culture of compassion and respect, ensuring individuals stepping forward to report their experiences are met with professionalism and fairness,” said Linnea Anderson, Director of Superior Court Services. “I sincerely hope you will join us so we may expand our awareness together.”

Start by Believing is a public awareness campaign designed by End Violence Against Women International to end the cycle of silence and change the way we respond to survivors. Since its initial launch in 2011, thousands of people around the world have made their own personal commitment to Start by Believing, and hundreds of communities have launched campaigns.

“Staff have encountered increased disclosures of adverse experiences by young people,” said Anderson. “Research indicates 90% of children experience abuse by individuals they know and trust, and 13% or fewer of young people report their experience or seek support.”

Those impacted by sexual violence who are treated with respect and whose accounts are taken seriously will often feel more comfortable reporting or seeking additional help. When survivors have the support of friends and family, as well as positive interactions with law enforcement, victim advocates, medical providers, and others, it can decrease the long-term effects of trauma.

Research shows the two things that have the most positive impact on survivors are: (1) having someone to talk to, and (2) being believed. In other words, Start by Believing. For more information, please visit

Questions? Contact: Linnea Anderson, Director of Superior Court Services,