IOSA seeks volunteers for Aleutian Isle response

Submitted by Islands Oil Spill Association.

IOSA has been working under the command of the U.S. Coast Guard and Washington Department of Ecology and providing extensive support to the ongoing FV Aleutian Isle response on the West side of San Juan Island. So far, most of that help has been in the form of staging or delivering equipment to support the response contractors on scene.

While there is little actual pollution response required at the moment, there is the potential for a larger spill should the fuel on board the Aleutian Isle release before the vessel is able to be recovered. Out of an abundance of caution, IOSA is ensuring even more equipment is ready and available, and is working to gauge responder availability in the event a larger response is required or help is needed to move equipment during the staging effort.

IOSA would like any volunteers who might be available to pitch in to help over the next week or so to complete a survey to indicate their availability. The work would not be for the entire week, but would probably just be for a few hours at most on a handful of occasions. All work would be on San Juan Island.

Filling this form doesn’t commit you to a specific time or task, but does mean that you’ll be in the area over the next week and may have some flexibility to respond if needed. Anyone signing up should be physically fit and able to perform fairly strenuous physical work outdoors- most likely involving moving heavy oil spill response boom.

If you sign up, we’ll keep you updated if there’s a need, but please know that this is just planning at the moment, and there may end up not being a need for volunteers.

Again, the survey is online visit

Thank you one and all!