Hummel Lake regulations

  • Mon May 5th, 2008 4:02am
  • News

Some visitors wish to pay for the rental of a boat at Hummel Lake, but there is currently no charge for those vessels which some owners generously contributed and did not tie up.

Those who are contributing boats, lifejackets etc, should ensure that they are in good to excellent condition. Please do not endanger anyone.

Bushes blocking the view at the entrance have been removed, thus reducing the risk of bikers, or anyone getting clipped by speeding vehicles.

Robert Lantiegne, Access Area Manager for the Wildlife Program at Fish and Wildlife, recently informed us that Hummel Lake was one of their favorite places. Why? “For its relatively undisturbed pristine state and subsequent attraction to wildlife.” Robert brought gravel for the potholes, supplies for the outhouse, cleared many areas and removed wrecked boats.

Visitors should be aware that activities at the lake are the personal responsibility of the individual.

Hummel Lake regulations

• Motorboats are not allowed on the lake.

• Rowboat and canoes: bottom up on rack.

• The owner’s name and phone number must be on all boats.

• Swimming and boating is under your own risk.

• Leaving derelict boats is illegal.

• The owner’s permission is required to borrow boats – bring your own oars or paddles.

•Life jackets to be worn by all.

• Return jackets to the shed.

• Kindly remove trash.

• Fisher: catch and release is sporting. Use barbless hooks.

Questions? Call Dan at 468-3242 or Bob at 468-3944.