Hostile hounds, controversial concrete, repeat robberies | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

May 1

• A Lopez deputy was dispatched to a traffic offense call.

• In Friday Harbor, a traffic stop resulted in a citation for not having a valid driver’s license. The driver also received a citation and a warning for speeding.

• A San Juan deputy was dispatched to a report of suspicious activity. The reporting party said they received unwanted correspondence from a person, who was not identified.

• San Juan deputies responded to a report of a noise violation. One person was eventually arrested and booked for disorderly conduct and issued a citation for a Town of Friday Harbor noise violation.

May 2

• During a routine patrol on San Juan area, a deputy noticed an act of malicious mischief that involved several concrete blocks that had been painted with political statements.

• A San Juan deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle for failing to yield the right of way in a traffic circle. The driver received a citation for having an expired registration for more than two months and several warnings.

• A deputy responded to a theft on San Juan. Another theft of the same premises was caught on video. The suspects were identified. When deputies located them a short time later they were arrested on multiple charges of third-degree theft.

May 3

• An Orcas deputy responded to a citizen assist call.

• On Orcas, a deputy responded to a local school district’s call about a dog-at-large that appeared menacing around the children. The owners of the dog were contacted and received a dog-at-large warning letter.

• Lopez deputies responded after an irate citizen trespassed to confront a property owner about a flag that the owner was displaying on their property. The trespasser left without further incident and with several warnings about their behavior.

May 4

• Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance on Orcas. After an investigation determined that it appeared no crimes were committed, deputies provided the parties with resources.

May 5

• A San Juan deputy stopped a motorist for driving left of center and arrested them for driving under the influence.

• On San Juan, a deputy was dispatched to a trespassing. The person who called reported an ongoing problem with a neighbor. Deputies issued the neighbor a trespass warning letter.

May 6

• A deputy stopped a driver on Lopez for speeding, then issued them a citation for not having a valid driver’s license.

• On Orcas, a deputy contacted a driver about a concerned citizen’s report. The driver was subsequently arrested for suspicion of driving, or being in physical control, of a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs.

May 7

• A deputy responded to an unknown trouble when dispatch received a 911 hang-up near Eastsound. After an investigation, it was determined to be a civil matter between two partners.

• Lopez Fire and the Sheriff’s Office responded to a burn investigation and filed an informational report because of ongoing behavioral health issues with the involved person.

• A Lopez deputy was dispatched to a welfare check, contacted the person at their residence, and filed a report.

• A deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle in a market parking on Lopez and issued them a speeding citation for driving 40 MPH in a posted 25 MPH zone, a citation for not having insurance, plus additional warnings.