Health & Community Services launches County-wide survey about community health

Submitted by San Juan County Health & Community Services.

On Monday, July 31, San Juan County Health & Community Services launched its county-wide survey as a part of the Community Health Assessment process which is underway. This survey is open to all islanders, and everyone is invited to make their voice heard! The survey is anonymous and only takes eight to ten minutes to complete.

This 42-question survey will help paint the picture of how all San Juan County residents are doing. There are questions about quality of life, access to health care, how people access health-related information, and what are some of the barriers to good health in our county. The more people we hear from, the more complete our picture will be of how San Juan County residents are doing.

The survey will be open until mid-November 2023 and is available online. If you are having trouble accessing the survey online, please call the HCS front office at 360-378-4474 to ask for assistance in taking the survey in another format.

What Is a Community Health Assessment?

Public health uses a Community Health Assessment as one tool to look at the overall health of a community. This is a process that looks at the ways many organizations, schools, agencies and policies in a community contribute to the health of their community. The information collected during this process can identify the top issues a community is facing around health and wellness and help plan the actions and services needed to improve health in our community.

The survey results collected by Nov. 15 will be compiled and analyzed along with other data about our community. The results of the surveys will be published as a final report and will be available to our community in early 2024. HCS staff will work closely with our partners around the islands to use the findings to create a Community Health Improvement Plan. The Community Health Improvement Plan will identify areas of improvement and set a path toward creating a healthier community for all in San Juan County.

Where Can I Find the Survey?

The survey is available online through the San Juan County Engage platform. The survey is also available in Spanish. For those who cannot access the survey online, but would still like to participate, please call the HCS mainline at 360-378-4474 for assistance.

Where Can I Learn More?

You can keep up with the survey and Community Health Assessment project by following along on the Engage platform. Updates will be posted, and you can subscribe to be notified through the platform.

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