Go doggy, go!

  • Fri May 30th, 2008 10:48pm
  • News
Pancho Villa at his home on Lopez.

Pancho Villa at his home on Lopez.

Racing Chihuahua phenom, Pancho Villa, owned by Samantha and Mike Patrick of Lopez Island, beat out 188 tiny dogs at the Regional Petco Chihuahua Races in Seattle on April 26. As regional winner of the fourth annual event, the puppy will represent the Pacific Northwest at the National Chihuahua Races in San Diego, Calif. August 31.

“The city dogs didn’t have a chance against a country dog,” said Samantha Patrick. “A lot of the other dogs were pampered pooches in jeweled collars and cute outfits.” Patrick lists Pancho Villa’s training regimen as, “chasing deer and turkeys.”

Named for the Mexican Revolutionary, “Pancho Villa is the boss of the house who loves a good squeaky toy,” says Patrick. “And he gets plenty of exercise running around on our property.”

Pancho Villa and his human family have won a three-day, expenses paid trip to San Diego for the national competition valued at $3000. The winner of the event will receive a year’s supply of Chihuahua food and a $300 Petco gift card. Patrick’s daughter, Brie Morud, will accompany Pancho and her human mother on the trip to San Diego.

“We are excited about the trip, not just for the chance to win the competition, but for the opportunity to do some sight-seeing in San Diego and attend a baseball game at Petco Park, the site of the Chihuahua races,” said Patrick. “My daughter also wants to go to The Hard Rock Cafe which is near the ballpark.

“Root Pancho on to victory over Labor Day Weekend,” says Patrick.