Friday Harbor man pleads guilty to no-contact order violation

John Mitsoyianis, 58, of Friday Harbor, was sentenced to 20 days electronic home monitoring on March 6, after pleading guilty to two counts of violating a no-contact order. He received a two-year suspended sentence (one year for each offense) $305 in fines and a $50 per-month supervised-probation fee.

According to court documents, on Nov. 16, 2018, the victim reported to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office that Mitsoyianis began contacting her on Nov. 10, 2018, — a violation of a no-contact order that was set to expire Nov. 21, 2018.

She alleged that she received a voice message from Mitsoyianis from a phone number she did not recognize as well as an email. The documents said Mitsoyianis was posting derogatory things about her on his personal Facebook page and provided screenshots.

The screenshots provided to the sheriff’s office showed Mitsoyianis allegedly calling the victim “The Black Widow of San Juan Island” and telling her work to fire her.

The victim also showed the deputies emails that were sent to her employer from an email address containing Mitsoyianis’ name and were purportedly sent by him. The emails in question called the victim a prostitute, threatened to call the Better Business Bureau on the company she worked for and said, “Fire her or fire your business, I will destroy it.” A total of three emails were allegedly sent by Mitsoyianis to the victim’s employer calling her names and threatening the business.

Deputies approached Mitsoyianis the following day and verified the phone number the victim received was his, according to court documents. He was arrested and booked into San Juan County Jail on Nov. 17, 2018.

The Journal found several charges against Mitsoyianis in Pinellas County and Pasco County, Florida, including aggravated assault; assaulting a public officer; breach of the peace; disorderly intoxication; domestic battery; domestic violence; driving under the influence causing injury; fleeing and eluding; grand theft burglary; leaving the scene of an accident; loitering and prowling; and trespassing. In Alaska, he was charged with child neglect, to which he pleaded no contest.

He was also charged with felony possession of a firearm in Montana resulting in a five-year, three-month prison sentence — he served four years, 20 days.