Friday Harbor man charged with escape

Ricardo Zanabria-Vargas, 25, of Friday Harbor, is charged with escaping in the second degree from a detention facility, also known as the San Juan County In-Custody Work Program. Vargas was convicted in 2017 in San Juan County District Court for malicious mischief.

Vargas was sentenced on Dec. 20 to 20 days in jail or to serve in the in-custody inmate work crew. He reported to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 5 where he enrolled in the inmate work program and was fitted with a GPS monitoring bracelet. According to the police report, his enrollment requires that he be present at the scheduled location and that he keep his bracelet charged at all times. On Jan. 11, Vargas failed to report for work crew, which legally constitutes as an escape, according to court documents. On Jan. 12, an officer said he notified Vargas that he needed to report to the sheriff’s office on Jan. 13. The officer then texted Vargas to tell him again to report to the sheriff’s office. According to court documents, Vargas did not show up at the sheriff’s office. He texted the officer that he was going to his regular work site. That evening, the officer said, Vargas texted to ask what he should do. The officer responded that Vargas should turn himself into the sheriff’s office immediately. Vargas turned himself in on Jan. 17.

He is not currently in custody and there are no conditions of release, according to Teresa Barnett, San Juan County senior deputy prosecuting attorney. His first court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 9 at 9 a.m.