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Elections Q and A with the San Juan County Auditor

  • Sat Oct 10th, 2020 1:30am
  • News

Submitted by San Juan County

Interest is high in this year’s general election. As a result, the San Juan County Elections staff have been receiving a record number of questions. Below are some of the questions asked most frequently, with the answers.

How many registered voters does San Juan County have? 14,220. The number is increasing daily.

What was the turnout in San Juan County for the 2020 primary? 68 percent.

What kind of turnout are we expecting for the 2020 general election? 90 percent.

Can I get my ballot now? Only if you are unable to receive mail during the entire 18-day voting period

When will ballots be mailed? Oct. 13.

How do I make sure my address is correct on my voter registration? Go to Check your address there. Update it online or call Elections for assistance.

What if I lose or don’t receive my ballot? Call the elections office for a replacement.

Should I mail my ballot or use a drop box? Whichever is easier. If you are voting within seven days of the election, we recommend that you use a drop box.

What if a mailed ballot arrives late? If it is postmarked by Nov. 3 and arrives by Nov. 23, it will be counted.

How often will you pick up ballots from the drop boxes? We will pick up once a week from Orcas and Lopez and every other day on San Juan. Fortunately, we have larger ballot boxes this year!

Can I vote online? No, but you can print a ballot from online. Printed online ballots, like mailed ballots, must be returned with a signed declaration by Nov. 3.

Is San Juan County Elections ready for this election? Absolutely! This election is getting a lot of attention, but every election is important to us.

How are we keeping Elections workers and visitors safe? We have put in place new procedures and tools to keep workers and visitors safe.

How do we ensure the security of ballots? Ballots are locked and sealed unless we are processing. During processing, ballots are always handled by two people.

Can I watch the ballot processing? Yes, on SJC Elections’ YouTube channel,

When will results be known? Initial results will be posted on election night. The final results will be known on Nov. 23.

How do we know the results will be accurate? We perform two accuracy tests before and an audit the day after the election to ensure accuracy.

If you have more questions, contact the Elections Office at 360-378-3357 or We’re here to help.