Election results: levies and propositions go down, Peter ahead

By the time ballot counting was finished Tuesday, Nov. 8, Eric Peter was ahead in the San Juan County Sheriff race, and the county road levy and San Juan Island Library bond failed. Ballot counting will continue for the next few weeks, however, the bulk should be processed by Thursday.

The results on Tuesday evening were:

In the Sheriff’s race, Eric Peter had received 3722, or 51.35 percent of the vote, and incumbent Sheriff Ron Krebs had received 3526, or 48.69 percent.

The library bond received 1,627, or 41.41 percent in favor, while 2,302, or 58.59 percent, voted against the bond.

The road levy received 2871, or 43.57 percent in support, and 3718, or 56 percent, voted no to the levy.

All four charter amendments failed.

Proposition 1, establishing a public advocate for the purpose of helping citizens navigate San Juan County systems received 2545, or 34.87 percent, yes votes, and 4753, or 65.13 percent, no votes.

Proposition 2, amending language in the County Charter to provide clarification regarding budget provisions for the Charter Review Commission, staff support requirements, and further resolution regarding the term length, procedures and duties of the CRC, and the role of the Prosecuting Attorney received 3384, or 48.73 percent, yes votes and 3560, or 51.27 percent, no votes.

Proposition 3, amending the current voting rules to include Ranked Choice Voting received 3108, or 42.88 percent, yes votes and 4140, or 57.12 percent, no votes.

Proposition 4, amending signature requirements concerning Initiatives and referendums, received 2352, or 32.52 percent, in favor, and 4881, or 67.48 percent no against.

In the congressional races, Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Rick Larson won the county vote, and State Reps. Alex Ramel and Debra Lekanofff won the county vote.

To see updated election results, or to view the ballot processing Livestream, visit https://www.sanjuanco.com/1221/Elections-Office.