Edgy easement, chaotic celebration, tenuous trespass | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls

Sept. 20

• A deputy issued the owner of a vessel a ticket for mooring at a public landing on Orcas after the boat was moored at a county dock overnight.

• A deputy on Orcas took a found property call. The property was booked after an extensive effort by dispatch to locate and contact the possible owner.

• A deputy took a report from an individual who found a cell phone in Friday Harbor. The deputy attempted to return the phone to the owner twice. Ultimately, the phone was stored in evidence as found property

• A Friday Harbor adult was arrested for violating a domestic violence/no-contact order, taken to jail, and booked pending a hearing with the courts.

• An Orcas deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle for traveling 50 mph in a 35 mph zone and issued them a speeding citation.

• Orcas deputies were dispatched to a trespassing call. The individual was contacted, advised not to return, and departed the property.

• An Orcas deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle on Deer Harbor Road and issued them a citation for speeding, 45 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Sept. 21

• A deputy on Lopez was contacted about a theft. The reporting party said a package was delivered to their mailbox but never received.

• An Orcas deputy took a hit-and-run report. An unknown driver damaged the bumper of the reporting party’s vehicle while parked in the lot at a local market. There are currently no suspect leads.

• A San Juan resident contacted a deputy about fraud because they had purchased an item from a private person via the Internet and the item was never delivered.

Sept. 22

• Lopez deputies were called to a residence in the early morning hours for a trespassing complaint. The trespasser fled into the woods prior to the deputies’ arrival and was not located.

• A deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle on North Beach Road in Eastsound and issued the driver a citation for speeding 42 mph in a 25 mph zone.

• Orcas deputies were dispatched to a suspicious call on Waldron Island. The individual was contacted, and it was determined no crime was committed, and everything was okay.

• Deputies were dispatched to an order violation in Eastsound, arrested an individual, and transported them to the County Jail in Friday Harbor.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a report of a suspicious circumstance. A vehicle was found to have drug paraphernalia in plain view; the vehicle was impounded pending a search warrant. A warrant was executed and drugs and paraphernalia were seized.

Sept. 23

• A person turned in a driver’s license and two other cards located at Lime Kiln State Park. The owner was unable to be contacted and the items were entered into evidence.

• A black cell phone was turned in to the San Juan Sheriff’s Office. The owner is unknown and the phone was entered into evidence as found property.

• Orcas deputies received a report of a person in crisis on an outer island. The designated crisis response team was notified, and a safety plan was developed.

• On San Juan, deputies responded to a report of a large fight at a wedding. No victims wished to pursue charges.

• San Juan deputies responded to a report of a domestic incident at a hotel. The two individuals were separated and it was concluded that no crime occurred.

Sept. 24

• A Lopez deputy arrested a resident on several outstanding warrants. The individual was transported to Friday Harbor and booked into the San Juan County Jail without incident.

Sept. 25

• Deputies responded to a Friday Harbor address for a medical call. The person was found to be deceased. No foul play is suspected and a death report was completed.

• A Lopez resident reported a case of possible fraud related to an out-of-state bank.

• On Lopez, a deputy responded to a civil issue between neighbors regarding the use of an easement. A report was completed and civil court remedies were again recommended as the proper course of action.

• A deputy was contacted about a malicious mischief incident on San Juan. A person reported that their farm stand had been knocked over. There is no suspect information at the present time.

• A San Juan deputy was contacted about an ongoing dog at-large problem. The person reported a neighbor’s dog was on their property again. Warning letters were sent to the dog’s owners.

Sept. 26

• On Orcas, a deputy responded to a report of a vehicle that had backed through a fence and slid down an embankment.