Domestic violence charges on Lopez

By Cali Bagby

By Cali Bagby

Journal editor

Albert Noel Miller, Jr., 45, of Lopez Island, has been charged with assault in the second degree domestic violence for strangulation and assault in the fourth degree. Bail is set at $50,000. His arraignment is scheduled for May 20.

On May 11, two deputies responded to a call at a Lopez residence where the victim reported that Miller had been physically violent at another location, Miller’s home, also on Lopez. The victim described Miller dragging her through the house and pulling her hair. “She said he bounced her off walls and door jams, threw her on the bed and punched her in the face,” deputies wrote in their report. The victim went on to tell the officers that Miller “grabbed her by the throat and squeezed hard enough that she could not breathe.” She recalled that the altercation began after he called her a liar in regards to watering the garden and that Miller said he “just wanted to choke her.” Deputies documented cuts on her lip, bruising on her arms, throat and shoulders and swelling on her face.

Later that day officers located Miller at his home. He described the victim as “out of control,” stating that he had been bitten and pushed.

Miller told deputies that the fight started when the victim claimed she had watered the garden the previous day. According to court documents, Miller called the victim a liar and that is when she pushed him on the chest. Miller denied hitting or punching her, but stated that he was hit so hard that he fell and hit his neck and head on the stove. In response to the strangulation allegations he said “he shoved his forearm into her mouth like you would if a dog is biting you.” He also admitted to grabbing her feet and legs and holding them over her head against the wall. Deputies reported that Miller claimed the victim was totally out of control and he was trying to restrain her. Deputies then arrested Miller.

The suspect’s prior criminal history includes unlawful possession of a firearm in 2002, driving under the influence in 2006, 10 counts of driving while license suspended in the third degree between 1995 to 2000, open container consumption in 1999, domestic violence malicious mischief in 1996, two counts of domestic violence in the fourth degree in 1996 and domestic violence assault and battery in the fourth degree in 1995.