Community conversations, week four

Community conversations, week four

  • Thu May 7th, 2020 1:30am
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Submitted by San Juan County

The “COVID-19 Community Conversations” series continues this week with three short videos that highlight efforts from organizations and people providing key services and crucial leadership in our community.

You can find these videos on our YouTube channel “San Juan County COVID-19 Response” at

Jennifer Armstrong

Jennifer Armstrong is the director of the Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center on San Juan Island.

“We have a great delivery service, from prescriptions to food. … If it’s really important for you to stay home right now and you don’t have friends or family nearby who can help, we really encourage you to call our centers.”

She also discussed financial assistance, mental health services, help accessing other aid, and more. “We’re happy to hear from anybody.”

View Armstrong’s video at

Yubi Schollmeyer

Yubi Schollmeyer also works at the Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center. In this Spanish language video, Yubi explains how the resource centers on each of the big islands can help connect families or individuals to many different resources. Within this pandemic, many families are experiencing a change in their financial situation. Thanks to the County, Community Foundations and other independent donations there is adequate assistance available. All of the services are provided confidentially. View Schollmeyer’s video at

En Español: Yubi Schollmeyer tambien trabaja en el Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center en San Juan Island. En este video,, Yubi explica como los centros de recursos en cada una de las grandes Islas pueden ayudar a las familias o individual, con muchos recursos diferentes. Dentro de esta pandemia, muchas familias están experimentando un cambio en su economia. Gracias al Condado, Fundaciones de Comunidad y Donaciones Independientes hay suficiente ayuda disponible. Todos los servicios se brindan de manera confidential.

Trillium Swanson

Trillium Swanson is the project manager for the Coalition for Orcas Youth, which works on mental health and drug abuse issues, and a mental health counselor on Orcas Island. One of the most challenging issues she faces is reaching people who need help. She is currently doing counseling via Zoom.

She adds, “Access to mental health care is really important, but even more important, is that people in their neighborhoods feel connected to others, whether a neighbor or family member, or whomever!”

View Swanson’s video at