Comment on your National Monument

  • Fri Jan 4th, 2019 4:39pm
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Submitted by Kirm Taylor

We succeeded in our acquisition of Lopez Hill and Odlin South through overwhelming public support. Now the Bureau of Land Management’s Resource Management Plan needs our support. will provide us with enough details about the issues and the comment process to adequately reply..

What is important is to demonstrate the depth of our support for the monument by collecting as many comments as possible.

We have until Jan. 3 to send email to BLM about their trail plans for Iceberg Point. This is part of BLM’s larger Resource Management Plan effort that you, as members of the Lopez Community Trails Network, probably have very specific thoughts on. Email BLM your thoughts.

You can send BLM an email addressing some or all of the questions below. There’s no need to cover every topic, just address what is important to you in whatever way is most comfortable.

BLM is asking for input on several specific items with regard to Iceberg Point, including:

• Should recreational access be allowed, allowed by permit only or prohibited at Iceberg Point?

• What specific trails should be created, maintained, or closed at Iceberg Point? (see maps below)

• Should any trails at Iceberg Point be open to bicycles? To horses?

• Should pets be allowed at Iceberg Point? Should leashes be required?

• Should camping be allowed at Iceberg Point?

• What sort of signage (navigational, interpretive, rules, etc.) should be installed at Iceberg Point?

• Should discharge of firearms or archery (e.g. for hunting) be allowed at Iceberg Point?

• Should boats be allowed to land at Iceberg Point?

You should also comment on any other management issues that come to mind for Iceberg. Things like:

• Should BLM protect the wildflower meadows from forest encroachment? Restore them? Is it OK to use fire and/or herbicides to do that?

• Should BLM prioritize securing legal public access to Iceberg, rather than the verbal agreements that now allow us access over neighboring lands?

• Should there be limits on group size for visitors to Iceberg?

It is important to explain why you are making your recommendations. Give your reasons, share your data, stories, photos, etc., to help make your case.

Email your recommendations before Jan. 3 to You can also cc on your email as they are archiving copies of comments in case of confusion or dispute. There is lots of information and guidance on this comment process at