Begrudged buyer, premature pots, disappointed dragsters| San Juan County Sheriffs Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

July 5

• A deputy on Orcas responded to an animal complaint, contacted the owner, and issued them a verbal warning for dogs running at large.

• A Friday Harbor resident filed a harassment report with the Sheriff’s Office on behalf of a family member. A statement was taken and the individual was given resources for obtaining an anti-harassment order.

• A deputy on San Juan responded to a report of trespassing. Two separate homeowners wished to trespass an individual from their property. The individual was contacted via telephone and was informed of the trespass notice then hung up on the deputy.

• A deputy took a report of an apparent residential burglary in Eastsound and discovered that an unknown person had forced entry into a locked, unoccupied home. No items were removed and no items were left behind.

• On Orcas, a deputy took a report of an abandoned vehicle. The vehicle had been sold from one party to another. The other was not happy with the running condition and left the car on the seller’s property.

• A San Juan deputy conducted a traffic stop for speeding. The driver was issued a citation for having an expired registration over two months and warnings for expired proof of insurance, no registration in the vehicle, and speeding.

July 6

• A Lopez deputy took a call from a resident who called to inquire what the chances were of Center Road being closed off and used for drag racing. The caller realized it was a bad idea as he explained it and withdrew his request.

• An Orcas deputy spoke on the phone with a report regarding a problem with a neighbor’s dog. The reporting party asked the Sheriff’s Office to take no action.

• On Orcas, a deputy responded to a theft call about checks stolen from a mailbox.

• A deputy took a report of a theft of gas from vehicles parked at the upper long-term parking lot at the Orcas Ferry Landing.

• A deputy was contacted at the San Juan Sheriff’s Office about an attempted burglary. The person reported that someone had attempted to force entry into a recently vacated residence and they requested additional patrol in the area.

• A Lopez deputy responded to an accident hit-and-run call. Upon investigation, no damage was inflicted upon either of the involved vehicles.

• A San Juan deputy conducted a traffic stop on a known unlicensed driver. The passenger had an outstanding warrant for their arrest and was taken into custody and booked into jail, issued a warning, and told how to acquire their driver’s license.

• A San Juan deputy stopped a driver for traveling 38 mph in a posted 25 mph speed zone and issued them a citation for speeding.

July 7

• A deputy on Orcas responded to a report of vandalism; two political signs had been damaged during the overnight hours.

• In another incident of vandalism on Orcas, a deputy responded to a report that an individual had sprayed water on an electric bicycle and wanted the incident documented.

• A San Juan deputy stopped the driver of a vehicle as it was reported sold and the registration had expired. The driver was arrested for DWLS 3rd degree and, when the driver exited the car, the deputy observed a glass pipe on the floorboard. The vehicle was impounded for evidence and was searched.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a harassment call.

• San Juan deputies responded to a report of a domestic incident. One of the individuals was arrested for harassment – domestic violence and booked into jail.

July 8

• A deputy was dispatched to a report of a domestic incident in the Friday Harbor area. The deputy arrived and made contact with the people involved in the incident, and learned the argument was verbal in nature, with no signs of injuries.

• A deputy was dispatched to a domestic incident in Friday Harbor. The deputy arrived and contacted the people involved and, after speaking to the people involved, determined the incident to be verbal only.

• Two vehicles at the Lopez ferry terminal were issued parking tickets for disregarding the parallel parking only sign.

• In Friday Harbor, a deputy was contacted about a report of fraud. The person had purchased an item online but the item was never delivered, and provided all the documents in regards to the incident.

July 9

• An Orcas deputy responded to an assault call. An investigation was conducted, and a report was written. No parties involved wanted to be a victim of a crime.

• A fanny pack was found on Orcas and turned into the sheriff’s office for safekeeping.

• Lopez deputies were dispatched to a not-in-progress harassment call. It was determined that no crime was committed.

• Deputies and Lopez Fire EMS were dispatched to an accident-injury involving a bicycle and a vehicle. A bicycle had been struck by a vehicle turning onto another road. The bicyclist was flown off the island for further evaluation.

• Lopez deputies were dispatched to a vagrancy call. A caretaker was contacted about someone staying in an outbuilding. The sheriff’s office will continue to conduct frequent surveillance of the area.

July 10

• A Friday Harbor deputy responded to a report of an unconscious male in his residence. He was found to be deceased and the coroner was contacted. The body was turned over to Evan Funeral Home and notification of his family was attempted.

• A Lopez business owner turned in a woman’s ring that was found in a field.

• Lopez deputies were dispatched to a fraud complaint. There were no losses reported and a report was taken.

• A deputy on San Juan was dispatched to a report of trespassing and served two people trespass letters.

• Deputies responded when an Orcas driver near Cascade Lake veered into the oncoming lane and struck an oncoming vehicle. There were no injuries. The responsible driver was issued a citation.

• A park ranger took custody of a stray dog in Moran State Park. A deputy on Orcas assisted with securing the dog at the animal shelter.

• On San Juan, an insulin kit was found and turned into the sheriff’s office and booked into the evidence room.

July 11

• Lopez deputies were contacted by an outer-island resident who reported seeing crab pots in the water before the start of the season. The information was forwarded to Fish and Game for follow-up.

• A deputy on San Juan responded to a report of harassment when a parent reported that their child was being verbally harassed on the internet by an adult.