2023 San Juan County WSU Master Gardener workshop series

Successful gardeners know that beautiful and bountiful gardens require knowledge and planning. Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about the what, when, where, why and how of our gardens!

The popular and informative San Juan County WSU Master Gardeners Annual Gardening Workshop Series will take place from Oct. 17-26. Eight live one-hour presentations will be held via Zoom webinars on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Presenters will provide additional time for questions. Registered participants will then be able to view (or review) recordings of all the presentations at their leisure until November 30.

Topics include creating sustainable landscapes, making your own wildflower meadow, designing a kitchen garden, successful composting, treating plant disease, preserving the Pacific madrone and organic methods of growing roses.

This year, San Juan County Master Gardeners are honored to have renowned author and conservationist Dr. Doug Tallamy as their keynote speaker. Dr. Tallamy is an entomologist and gardener who encourages us to think of our gardens and natural areas as wildlife preserves.

Dr. Tallamy recently co-founded Homegrown National Park which encourages all property owners to plant native plants and remove most invasive plants. Homegrown National Park’s message is that small efforts by many people can create new ecological networks that will grow populations of plants and animals enabling them to weather normal population fluctuations indefinitely. The ambitious initial goal of HNP is helping landowners to establish 20 million acres of native plantings in the U.S. This represents approximately ½ of the green lawns of privately owned properties.

With the decline of pollinator and bird populations and recent headlines about the dire consequences of climate change and water shortages, many of us are beginning to rethink our approach to landscaping design. Dr. Tallamy will explain how participants can use native plants to help restore wildlife habitats and turn their yards into conservation corridors. Dr. Tallamy’s many books include “Bringing Nature Home,” “The Nature of Oaks” and “Nature’s Best Hope.”

Registration for the entire series of 8 presentations is $35. Registration will close Wednesday, October 11. You can read more about all eight delightful, educational and inspiring presentations at gardenworkshop.org.