The Genie Script Review (Wesley Virgin Money Manifestation System)

So you are ready to change your life. Perfect! Imagine the number of things you will achieve in your new life, not to mention material wealth. Living your dream life is a long-life desire for many people, but it seems out of reach most times.

Dreams are incredible, but they don’t manifest themselves. There are several challenges a person faces in making their dreams come true and display in their lives. However, the Genie Script features the art of manifestation whereby you can make your dreams happen just the way you and as soon as you want them.

The Genie Script is the secret principle that unravels your manifestation to living your dreams. Sit back, relax and visualize what you want using this fantastic program.

Read on for more reasons why this manifestation program is worth considering.

Understanding the Genie Script Manifestation

Firstly, manifestation is a process of deciding what you want to achieve in your life by committing to working hard for your desires. Also, manifestation is not a formula of prayers for triumph in your life. It involves standing and going out with positive thinking to anticipate your dreams.

Manifestation like Genie Script includes skills like dedicated mind, preparation, and mentoring. After conquering the art of Genie Script, you can effortlessly focus on your goals with similar results as other people in the world.

This course is all about reorganizing yourself. The Genie Script guide will help you uncover the real YOU. On your way to success, you will also eliminate every negative thought that holds you back from enjoying your life. Even better, it will help you discover and establish your natural and hidden abilities to help you stand and fight against all areas of your failures. It will aid you to settle in your fantastic personality, and you can achieve whatever you desire.

Pros Genie Script

There are several ways in which the Genie Script manifestation can help you in reaching your goals. Here are the advantages of this course listed below. Please take a look:

The Genie Script course is a process that provides everyday relaxation and positivity. It will ensure you face your life with a lot of calmness and peace from within.

It will also bring you to a situation where you no longer have hesitations, worry, and stress. Despite the challenging problem you face, removing the mind blockage and instilling positive thoughts and motivation is possible.

This manifestation guide will help you plan yourself better and more clearly by eliminating all the cloudiness of your negative thoughts. Generally, you will find new ideas and methods of overcoming your problems.

The Genie Script will improve your emotions and enable you to manage your body with peace and collaboration. This way, it helps you understand the on-goings and truth about your life to find the answers to your questions.

You will find direction, hope, healing, and purpose in your life by this manifestation process. You will feel great, and your life will be back in your hands to control. Besides, your loved ones will experience attraction to the success and positivity in your life. Sharing your journey of self-discovery with them will make you feel happy with your better world.

It will enable you to feel more compassionate and less biased about any snags poking their way into your life. Genie Script will boost your inner strength to help you face challenging situations in your life.

People who suffer from memory loss will agree it is the worst experience ever. With the Genie Script meditation, you will improve your brain’s areas that deal with memory, learning, and concentration.

This course also provides hope and healing for addicts. Meditation changes the brain functions related to drug addiction to minimize cravings for the addictive elements. Aside from that, meditation sessions are highly beneficial in inhibiting future relapses due to their therapeutic nature.

Cons Genie Script

Because of the product’s success, there are many upcoming scams who some try while others have already made sales through Wesley’s program. Many people have faced significant losses after joining fake sites.

Many customers publish their reviews and actual experiences, urging people to be more careful while joining the program. Additionally, they should carry out extensive scrutiny and research before registering for similar sites.

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Also, someone reviewed the first-time confusion you may experience while using the program as a beginner. In this case, you need to exercise a lot of patience and commitment never to quit.

Other people showed dissatisfaction because the meditation program has no physical format but only in digital format.

The Genie Script Course

The 30-day online meditation course comprises nine units, namely:

Introduction; How to Use Genie Script

  • The Inception Point of Success
  • Rules of the Mind
  • Mind Conditioning for Abundance
  • Rewrite Your Subconscious Mind Now
  • You Must Feel You Already Have It
  • Sensory Emotional Acceleration
  • Brain Waves
  • The Meditation Script

Moreover, there’s a session that allows you to privately contact Wesley, where he answers your questions while ensuring you have a better understanding of this program.


What Does Genie Script Meditation Program Include?

According to most customers, the Genie Script is a successful manifestation program that provides the desired results. The entire program includes;

4 x 10-Minute Weekly Meditation: Wesley’s program comprises 10-minute sessions where he trains you to master exceptional meditation skills. Every week this program has four 10-minute sessions. That’s 40 minutes weekly of learning meditational techniques!

Video Training On the 5 Brain Meditative Situations: If you want to achieve a fruitful meditation, it will help you understand the process. There are five brain wave situations: Alpha, Theta, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. During the video training period, Wesley goes profound into each state’s advantages. This way, it allows you to position yourself into each state to see the ultimate results.

Admission to Wesley’s Private Facebook Community: This meditation program has a private FB community. In this private community, you will know, post, and share videos and as you connect with people with objectives and visions similar to yours. Through the Facebook group, you can also find inspiration from other people’s posted results which enable you to remain focused for 30 days.

The EBooks: Reading is just as meditative. Without a doubt, reading novels can make you deeply absorbed in the story so that you can forget how swift time is passing and the world around you. That is a clear indication of an unconditional focus on one activity. More so, reading an exciting piece enables one to focus on the present moment. Therefore, reading this meditative program’s information will work in the same way. Besides, reading these contents will keep you focussed and help you share the proper judgment, skill, motive, or vision, mainly on manifesting a superior mental, emotional and financial status.

Genie Script 30-Day Program Bonuses

Lucky for you, you will get additional bonuses to the package. They include;

Bonus #1- Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track: The first bonus features a simple binaural beat track designed to involve your brains in a distinctive, potent state of manifestation just by listening to it.

Bonus #2- Kundalini Touch Exercise: Kundalini Touch Exercise comprises an activity that includes sound, mantra, and energy healing to stimulate beliefs of abundance to manifest physical longings more quickly.

Bonus #3-Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises: In case you didn’t know, your third eye is most likely the most potent source of your knowledge, also known as the Chakra. However, many people have it shut hence it is latent. But worry not! A sure way to open your third eye is by the process of meditation. When you develop your third eye, you will be able to connect yourself and your spirit as you fortify your psychic and manifestation skills. Your third eye will also help you quickly handle the day’s stress as you instantaneously accomplish higher levels of consciousness, self-awareness, and more profound emotional mastery. In the end, you will access your inner-endless-wisdom.

Bonus #4-Occult Walking Guided Meditation Audios: The fourth bonus provides a process for your brains to focus while listening to meditation audios intuitively. Also, it enables you to manifest your desires as you walk through everyday routines. Walking meditation improves self-awareness, has an alert presence, and uses the walking activity to nurture mindfulness. Another crucial reason for walking is that it is a way to connect with nature and the surroundings. While walking, ensure you observe how the body reacts, not to mention your posture. It would be better to maintain a stable and comfortable rhythm while walking and breathing normally.


Buying the Genie Script

The Genie Script is a digital product hence needs steady internet to complete a successful purchase procedure. The product is available on the official website and also comes with limited offers. Wesley allows you to pay for the program using credit card options like VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, and Discover.

There’s also a 60-day 100% money guarantee policy for unsatisfied customers. Such customers should contact customer care for assistance with the necessary steps to initiate the refund process.

Final Thoughts

Even though life requires people to combat the challenges they face, it would be best to be in a clear state of mind. It is challenging to accomplish a clear state of mind unless with the help of meditation. Using the Genie Script, you will reprogram your mind and master the unique art of meditation to change your life for the better.

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