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Manifest with Aaron Reviews – Is Aaron Surtees Program Legit?

Are you trapped in a life where you relive the same day over and over again? Do you want to remain in misery, struggling for money and burdening with debt while your energy and joy are being drained? What do you want with your life? Maybe it’s time you turn things around with the Manifest with Aaron Surtees program. You are destined for more than this.

Manifest with Aaron is one of the genuine ways that allow you to achieve your dreams. Aaron’s healing words cleanse your mind of negativity while facilitating the connection of spiritual synapses in your brain.

Who is Aaron Surtees?

Aaron is a registered therapist, a director of the City of Hypnosis, and a leading hypnotherapy practitioner. He is an alumna of the University of Southampton where he studied Health, Psychology, and Sociology. Skilled in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and ACH (Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy), Aaron has combined his hypnosis techniques with the “Surtees Method” which is an advanced modern mind programming.

Aaron practices at a prime location in the City of London. He started at Harley, his original location, and is now at the heart of London, particularly, off Chancery Lane in Holborn.

He has appeared prominently in the media, being interviewed in shows like the Drivetime Show on BBC Radio and regularly appearing on Channel 4. He has also been featured in the documentary “Are we all addicts”, also on BBC. Aaron has also appeared on Sky television and The Sun newspaper courtesy of his hypnotherapy

Among his areas of expertise are personal development, thought transformation, weight loss, fears and phobias, and psychosexual issues. Clients with diabetic issues have benefited from his practice. He has helped them stop the intake of sugary drinks and foods which has, in turn, led to a change in their blood sugar levels.

Aaron’s services include one on one sessions, group sessions, and digital products that includes apps and online programs. One of the apps that he directs is ‘Subconsciously.’

With over 20 years of experience, Aaron has helped thousands of clients, including celebrities, musicians and sports stars achieve goals and manifest love, success, and money through the power of hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis?

We are not in control of our thoughts and actions. Our subconscious mind dictates the way we think and believe. We are continuously thinking through our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the root of our anxieties. It keeps us from embracing new challenges, seeking out new opportunities, and living our lives to the fullest.

Aaron explains that other methods of taming the subconscious such as meditation and positive thinking require a high degree of effort. In addition, they also yield poor results. Hypnosis is the exact opposite. It reprograms the brain without the person even realizing it.

Thanks to the advancement in brain scanning technology, hypnosis has been proven more effective by countless studies.

The history of hypnosis

Hypnosis has transformed lives since the 18th century. Sigmund Freud, an Australian neurologist and the father of psychoanalysis first observed the subconscious part of the brain that we have no control over. He named it the “ID.”

The ID dictates most of our primal desires. It is concerned with our immediate satisfaction and does not care about the consequences of our actions. The ID can sometimes be aggressive and not want us to work hard. It can also be selfish. Aaron explains that this is where hypnosis offers a release. Hypnotists like Aaron Surtees access and reprogram the negative thought patterns in the ID with new and positive thoughts.

What happens in hypnosis?

The change in mindset is not just psychological but also physiological as well. After the brain is hypnotized and reprogrammed for positivity, different parts of the brain strengthen. The prefrontal lobe, the brain’s region that is responsible for higher thoughts, fires more rapidly. New synapses begin to connect, resulting in the feeling of enlightenment.

The synapses also called spiritual synapses or “third eye” synapses allow one to see their goal for the first time in their lives. They also grant the ability to manifest it in reality. As the synapses connect you become a magnet for positive energy such as love, happiness, and even money. Raising the energy field attracts all that one has desired.

How to use the Manifest with Aaron program?

Aaron offers a divine transformation in a series of short audio tracks. You can use your headphones to listen to the short tracks that will enrich you at any time of the day and anywhere. The tracks offer a sense of relief from stress, anxiety, and debt. Aaron asserts that early effects depend on how dominant the animal mind is and how much healing is required.

Negative thought patterns are silenced in the first session as the third eye synapses begin to connect. A feeling of relief and lightness as all fears, worries, and limiting beliefs fade. As you listen to the Manifest with Aaron audio tracks day after day, the effects become more prominent.

Module 1; Mega Money Maker

Techniques that Aaron has used on clients to make them manifest and harvest wealth. This includes powerful visualizations of the future.

Module 2: Super Success Mining

Through super success mining, Aaron reprograms your subconscious mind to think and feel as if you already are hugely successful. It programs a rich psyche and rich money mind into the subconscious mind

Module 3: Cash Pump Generator

In the third module; the cash pump generator. You will accept the near future rich self and nature the growth to create a limitless cash pump mindset. The module enabled the user to visualize ever-increasing levels of wealth generation and accumulation.

Other bonus courses

Signing up to the manifest with Aaron will also give you the option to unlock the variety of bonus courses including the “Rapid Anxiety Control” that will manifest calm, weight loss, love, and friendship.

The second optional course is “Lose Weight Now” in which you will be able to shed unattractive body fat with ease. The course reprograms the subconscious to stop emotional and comfort eating, to feel full more quickly, and avoid unhealthy junk without temptation.

The “Manifest Deep Love” is the third bonus course. It helps you attract the right people in relationships without fear of rejection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost? Is there a refund if I am not happy?

The Manifest with Aaron is available for $229. The course is available via the link through at only $17. The purchase also has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that a full refund will be issued if you are not happy with the course.

Is it safe?

You won’t be unconscious but in a state of relaxed awareness, more like meditating or daydreaming. Only, an external force is dictating your mind. Only not recommended while driving.

My life is busy with no free time, can I use the Manifest with Aaron program?

The daily audio tracks are only a few minutes in length.

When will a change be noticed?

Everyone is different. For some, a profound change will be noticed on the first track while it will be gradual for others. Aaron adds that you may feel a little lighter, less stressed, and in a better mood on the first day. From there, most changes come as you manifest.

I have tried other self-help audio guides in the past and there was no change. Why is manifest with Aaron any different?

Unlike other bogus audio guides that are taunted by fake gurus, the method by Aaron is backed by verified science. In addition, Aaron is an experienced professional who has already changed thousands of people.


The Manifestation with Aaron is a program for those who feel unhappy and trapped in their current life. The product will help you find a meaningful life of wealth and happiness by drawing love, and money in a short time.

The Manifest with Aaron Surtees modules are easily accessible and you can listen to them from anywhere. The audio will assist you to live a more purposeful life.

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