Universal Cheat Codes Reviews – Legit Master Li Manifest Secrets?

Master Li Cheat Codes is a program created by Master Li, one of the world’s biggest monks, who was repeatedly banned by special Chinese agents who used various torture techniques to have his will broken. While these beatings were taking place, Master Li didn’t even make any sound. He only meditated in quiet while chains and whips lashed over his back. The program is focused on meditation and on how to have a clear mind to succeed in life.

How Was Master Li Abused?

The room in which he was abused was very hot; blood mixed with sweat dripping from his head and into his hands, which he was clasping. Still, he remained in lotus and meditating throughout the entire ordeal. A bit hours before, Master Li was teaching classes of students aspiring to manifestation and meditation abilities. While his lecture ended, police broke the door of his temple and took him out on the streets.

Why Was Master Li Tortured?

Master Li was taken from his monastery and put into the police chamber in which he was tortured because of his beliefs and philosophy to be tested to his limits. The police beat him for days. After a few days, the chief of police instructed that the beating needs to stop, scared that Master Li would succumb to his wounds. While the beatings have stopped, there was no stopping to the punishment. Master Li got deprived of water, food, and sleep for months. He had to do his needs in a bucket. Since he improved millions of lives, imagine the conditions in which he lived. But he didn’t protest to his torture at all.

For Master Li to remain in jail, the Police accused him of murder, and more exactly, of murdering a monk in the surroundings, which is shocking for Buddhist Asia. Obviously, this charge was completely fake, and the Chinese media was called to help authorities bring discreditation to Master Li and take his growing influence. If guilty, he was supposed to die. This penalty is still in practice in China today. He had to escape fast, and so he did, as his life was on the line. On the 11th of January 1992, Master Li’s cell was found empty by a miracle. He had vanished.

What Does Master Li’s Universal Cheat Codes Do?

Over the next few decades, Master Li has refined his skills in numerology from the Tibetan monastery in which he was safe and sound, in the end settling to develop what he has named the Universal Cheat Codes. The Universal Cheat Codes of Master Li is teaching people who attract opportunities and take advantage of them. It also talks about how these opportunities should be approached with care. Master Li’s students, who were with thousands and studied under him right before he got arrested, ended up being from millionaires to billionaires and even very famous. They had a lot of success in their careers. Kimsong Xiao, who studied under him, became a big technology entrepreneur in China.

According to Master Li, nothing is at all impossible. The consciousness has quantum vibrations, which are only ones and zeros. These numbers make the Universe. Such numbers are influenced. The numbers are ruling the world, and according to numerologists, they always did. With the passing of time and the development of software, this ended up with money and dates. Numbers are the energy that found the ruling energy surrounding us.

How Much is The Universal Cheat Code?

The Universal Cheat Code is only $19.99, and the program can be downloaded soon after making the payment.

The Continuation of Master Li’s Story

As said, Master Li vanished completely. He was searched everywhere in the country, with troops and police. This much-loved and mystical monk disappeared, as said before. He evaded authorities and escaped right into the mountains of Tibet, precisely in the Hengduan Mountain Range, where he stayed for 25 years and more. The Hengduan Mountains are very spiritual, a part of the world where all sorts of things happen. Master Li says the Universe brings people together. He worked hard to put together Master Li Universal Cheat Codes and created this program for those looking to change their lives. It’s the program that teaches the power of manifestation.

To learn more about Master Li’s universal Cheat code, visit the official program website for more information.



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