Tibetan Secrets of the East Reviews – Your Astrology Language Blessed Pixiu Prosperity Brace & Citrine Crystal

The Tibetan Secrets package includes a Pixiu Prosperity Bracelet, a Citrine Crystal, and 3 books that can help anyone unlock their manifestation powers to obtain the wealth they have always dreamed of having. The Pixiu Prosperity Bracelet has changed the lives of many who have worn it, but let’s dig deeper into what each fortune-brining item included in the Tibetan Secrets collection can do.

Pixiu Prosperity Bracelet

According to the Tibetan Secrets official website, the Pixiu Prosperity Bracelet is the ULTIMATE tool for attraction, protection, and wealth creation. High society members and emperors have worn it for thousands of years to be more prosperous, chase away evil spirits and ensure they have plenty of fortune.

Besides, the bracelet also creates good luck and prevents bad luck, as it’s no ordinary bracelet. Some of its benefits include:

  • Eliminating negative energies
  • Transmitting positive vibes from the Universe
  • Creating a relaxing atmosphere
  • Eliminating anxiety and tension
  • Bringing harmony
  • Fighting off bad luck with money
  • Protecting against unwanted energies and evil spirits, as well as illnesses, injuries, and accidents

Tibetan monks bless these unique Pixiu Prosperity bracelets, so their wearers receive protection against negative energies and bad luck.

Citrine Crystal

A Citrine Crystal can send the highest vibrations into the Universe so that the person with it can naturally attract abundance. In addition, positive vibrations from the Universe enhance manifestation efforts, cleanse the aura, and protect the soul.

When someone feels down or without luck, a Citrine Crystal can turn all their negative energies into positive ones. In other words, this crystal turns bad luck into good luck. And what’s also great about it is that it doesn’t need cleansing.

Here are all the benefits of having a Citrine Crystal:

  • Eliminating all negative energies
  • Cleansing the body’s chakras and opening intuition
  • Attracting prosperity, success, and wealth
  • Raising self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Stimulating the brain to strengthen the intellect
  • Promoting motivation and self-expression while activating creativity
  • Revitalizing the mind and enhancing concentration
  • Helping to let go of phobias, fears, and depression

Queen Victoria used to keep Citrine Crystals on her because they were her favorite. Even nowadays, famous people like Jessica Chastain, Kate Winslet, and Kate Middleton sometimes have Citrine Crystals on. In the past, merchants used to travel with Citrine Crystals for prosperity, and Roman priests wore them in their rings. Likewise, Egyptians had these crystals in their talismans.

Combined with the Pixiu Prosperity bracelet, the Citrine Crystal sends the broadest and most positive vibrations for abundance.

Book 1: Feng Shui Fortunes

Feng Shui is an ancient Oriental art that helps with bringing auspicious energies into a home. People who know how Feng Shui works can achieve balance and harmony no matter where they live.

Moreover, when decorating in the Feng Shui style, the space gets decluttered, and there’s more room for positive energies.

The art of Feng Shui is centuries old. According to Lee, the man who made the Tibetan Secrets collection available to the general public, all people who arranged their homes according to Feng Shui practices had ALL their children graduate with two bachelor’s degrees.

Besides, Feng Shui plays a crucial role in the life of someone who feels stuck and doesn’t know what to do. The Feng Shui Fortunes book reveals how to arrange a home so that good fortune and good luck are always present. It presents a 21-day plan that takes people into Feng Shui-ing, their home step by step.

Book 2: History of Sacred Geometry

An ancient science exploring the energies unifying all things, Sacred Geometry is the foundation of using Citrine Crystals and much more.

The History of Sacred Geometry shares with readers where Sacred Geometry comes from and how it can become active so that manifestation is possible and dreams become a reality.

Activating Sacred Geometry brings not only good but also a lot of good luck. And there’s more. Sacred Geometry is so powerful that when in the wrong hands, it can cause harm.

According to some voices in the spiritual world, Sacred Geometry takes people to new dimensions, helping them travel through the Universe to achieve their highest potential by waking up their spiritual divinity.

In other words, the History of Sacred Geometry book helps people learn how to travel through time and to new dimensions to become the best versions of themselves while reaching their spiritual divinity.

Readers of this book become more receptive to good luck and can receive it in their life, which translates into getting opportunities at every step.

Book 3: Crystal Gridding for Your Zodiac Sign

This book teaches people how to take full advantage of their Citrine Crystal. In addition, it contains unique codes for the crystal according to each zodiac sign.

The power of the Crystal Gridding for Your Zodiac Sign book is creating a crystal grid for each person so that they can change reality. And this can improve the efficiency of the Pixiu bracelet as well.

How Much Does the Tibetan Secrets Collection Cost?

Usually, Tibetan Secrets would cost $147, but not the collection is available at only $59 on the product’s official website. Those who purchase it also receive a 100-day money-back guarantee. Tibetan Secrets is a ClickBank-sold product, so customers can address any of their questions about the product or its money-back guarantee to ClickBank’s customer support service at:



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