The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Reviews – Know This First!

Have you ever wondered what oxidized cholesterol is and what the rave about it is? Have you never heard about the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy but are curious about what it means for your health? Or are you just curious about healthy living and want to know more? Here is all you need to know about oxidized cholesterol.

Over the years, there have been theories around cholesterol and plaque. Research has proven that the accumulation of bad cholesterol leads to cholesterol plaque, which is responsible for most heart failures, and they are right.

The blood is the lifeline of the body. It is responsible for transporting food and oxygen around the body. Therefore anything that threatens to alter the circulation of blood threatens life itself.

However, some experts have argued that the main crux of the matter: oxidized cholesterol, is often ignored. Here we will look at it to understand it.

Here is how it works, unhealthy cholesterol LDL causes cholesterol plaque which eventually blocks the arteries. If the coronary arteries around the heart have cholesterol plaques, they stand the chance of a rupture. This clot that forms over the ruptured part can then cause a heart attack.

If the arteries around your erectile organs have cholesterol plaque, that will translate to poor erectile function and a very low Libido. Cholesterol plaque builds up when the body tries to fight back the excess cholesterol of the body by sending white blood cells to trap the cholesterol.

This mechanism, although harmful to the body, is the best strategy that the body knows. So experts have suggested that the best way to fight cholesterol plaque is not to avoid bad cholesterol but to understand how the cholesterol comes about

Some of the theories around cutting back cholesterol have been:

  • Cutting down diet
  • Stop the intake of fat
  • Take cholesterol plaque statins.
  • Avoid LDL cholesterol

Here is why some experts keep insisting that these are theories and not the real reason you may have cholesterol plaques.

Can I reduce Cholesterol Plaques Through Food?

A certain kind of food you take may indeed be affecting the type of cholesterol you are building up in your body, that is good and bad cholesterol, and that may be right. However, what causes the formation of bad cholesterol is oxidation.

Let us look at the difference between good and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol is “good” cholesterol because it helps the body to remove other forms of cholesterol from your bloodstream. Bad cholesterol, on the other hand, is the type of cholesterol that causes cholesterol plaque. This cholesterol accumulates in the arteries over time and is harmful to the body.

Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels are essential to note, as they determine if you are at high risk of having a heart attack. Reducing your diet does not prevent bad cholesterol. What does that, is better knowledge

Does Fat Intake Affect Cholesterol?

Experts have argued that the body needs fat, and eliminating fat from the body because of the fear of cholesterol, is not feasible at all. However, A school of thought that is well informed about oxidized cholesterol argues that some forms of fat are healthy. They say this from the point of understanding the concepts of oxidation.

There are different kinds of fats; saturated fat, trans fat, unsaturated fat, and total fat. Saturated fat includes butter, cheese, coconut oil, and palm oil. Does saturated fat raise blood cholesterol? No, they do not. These fats are the kinds of fat that are not easily oxidized. Therefore, they are mostly healthy for the body.

Other oils like sunflower oil and vegetable oil, which undergo oxidation when extracting them, make you stand a higher risk of having cholesterol plaque as you continuously take them. That is why experts are perplexed that the intake of these oils is encouraged.

Can Statins Reduce Plaque Build Up?

If you are familiar with the topic of cholesterol, you would know that Statins come up more often than not. Yes, Statins unclog arteries, but the side effects are numerous. Some of them are dizziness, headache, feeling sick, and insomnia. Imagine taking a drug to reduce cholesterol and feeling sick at the same time.

People who took Statin said that when they visited the doctor after starting on the drugs, their cholesterol level decreased significantly, but they would also prefer to do without them. Research has shown an increase in the cases of type 2 diabetes among people who took statins. Although the drug may be doing its job, it is also causing irreparable harm to the body.

Experts armed with the oxidized cholesterol strategy say that instead of using a drug laced with side effects to fight cholesterol, preventing the cholesterol from oxidation is a better option.

How To Reduce Cholesterol and LDL

An LDL cholesterol range determines how prone the body is to a heart attack. Bad cholesterol leads to cholesterol plaque that hardens the wall of the arteries. An LDL cholesterol flag that you should be worried about reads at 160 to 180mg/dL. This level is high and puts you at risk.

Although there are different forms that cholesterol stays in the body, what leads to cholesterol plaques that become life-threatening is the oxidized cholesterol. Meaning that the cholesterol in the body is not harmful until it becomes oxidized.

The Oxidized Cholesterol Scam?

In this era of looking for healthy ways to get fit and live longer, many people have formed the opinion that the idea of oxidized cholesterol may be a scam.

The oxidized cholesterol strategy, although innovative, wants to make you understand the cause of the LDL cholesterol that leads to the plaque so that you can avoid them.

The oxidized cholesterol strategy does not tell you to cut down on what you eat, nor does it tell you not to eat certain things. It seeks to introduce you to the strategies that will enable you to cut down on the oxidation of cholesterol that you consume, and therefore live a healthier life, and this may be effective after all, seeing that this idea does not refute the universal fact that LDL is unhealthy.

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