Motion Glo LED Light Bar Reviews: Boundery Wireless Lighting

Motion Glo light bar is an innovative lighting solution for every home. The light bar is operated with 4 batteries and activated with motion. You can place it in any dark corners of your home to provide adequate illumination, especially during the night. You don’t need a power outlet or electricity cables to use the Boundery LED light.

Most importantly, Boundery light bar can be a long-lasting solution that can serve users for years. It’s not restrictive either because you can use it even in your bathroom or tool shed. Its ultra-slim design makes it compatible with all the possible tight corners in a home. Also, the installation takes a few seconds and doesn’t require special tools.

Due to the motion sensor technology, you get to enjoy a hands-free experience with the light. Once you fix the batteries and place the light bars in the specific areas you want to illuminate, the motion sensor gets to work. You don’t need to bend or stretch to switch it on or off. Also, since the light is durable, you can say goodbye to replacement bulbs and high electricity bills. This is because Motion Glo LED light bar is an energy-efficient technology that doesn’t rely on the electrical current.

Every home has dark corners. These are areas where electric wires and outlets can’t reach. For instance, places like your staircase, medicine cabinets, drawers, toolboxes will not have adequate illumination during the night.

That’s where an external lighting solution like the Boundery motion Glo LED Light can come handy.

Find out more in this in-depth review of the Glo LED light bar. We’ll be uncovering its features, functionalities, benefits, and every other information you need to make an informed decision.

Features of Motion Glo LED Light Bar

Some of the notable features of this LED light bar includes:

Adequate illumination

This LED light bar produces 120 lumens of light to brighten all the dark corners in your home. You can use it under your cupboards, closets, in your stairways, or your tool shed. It provides adequate illumination during the night and protects you from freak accidents.

Easy Installation

The Motion Glo LED light bar features a detachable design that makes it very easy to install. You don’t need tools, nuts, or screws to attach it. Its adhesive strip with a magnetic field enables users to mount it on every surface they want.

Provides a wireless experience

This light bar doesn’t require electrical power or cables and outlets. It uses 4 batteries to activate the bulbs to work. Therefore, instead of stressing to run cables and fixing power outlets where you can’t, use this light bar to achieve your goals.

Detects movement easily

The Boundery light bar features a MotionMatic 1200 Sensor that detects every movement in the home. Once it detects motion within 10ft of its space, it automatically turns ON but turns OFF after 15 seconds of no motion.

How Motion Glo LED Light Bar Works

The Motion Glo light bar requires 4 batteries for power. As you open the battery jar and fix the AAA batteries, place the light bars on all the corners you want to illuminate. The light bar features a magnetic strip that helps it to stick on any surface. So, installing them won’t be hard.

After the installation, the MotionMatic tech goes to work. Once it detects any motion around it, it automatically turns ON and stays the same until after 15 seconds of no motion.

Pros and Cons of Boundery Light Bar


  • It reduces electricity bills.
  • Eliminates the need for replacement bulbs
  • IT goes ON and OFF automatically.
  • Fit into the tightest corners or spaces
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to your home
  • Durable, affordable, and easy to use


  • Replacing dead batteries may cut into your budget.

Pricing of Motion Glo Light Bar

The price of this light bar depends on the number of units you purchase. Presently, it comes in different packs. You can get a pack of 12, 8, 4, and 1. The larger the pack, the lower the unit cost.

A single light bar in a 12 pack offer costs $13.33, a single unit in a pack of 8 costs $17.49, while a unit in a pack of 4 costs $21.24. But if you want to buy a single light bar, you’ll pay $29.95.


The Boundery motion Glo LED light bar is a must-have for every home. It comes from a reliable and trusted producer of LED lightings and safety products. The light is durable, long-lasting with a compact design that blends seamlessly into every home décor.

It offers performs as expected, except that you’ll be changing the 4 AAA batteries from time to time depending on how you use it. But at least, it brightens your home at night to protect you from silly accidents and knock-overs.

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