Melissa Psychic Artist Reviews – Real Soulmate Sketch Drawings?

Melissa claims to be an energetic and forceful Modern Psychic Expert who has the abilities of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance. She uses her intuitive powers to help people understand life and love better so that they can live healthily and enjoy a happy life. Further, Melissa says that she understands the past because her paranormal abilities help her to make contact with the person who is trying to decipher their past. And to add to all of Melissa’s achievements, she is also a medium.

What’s Melissa’s Story?

While many people consider clairvoyance to be remote and an outdated view, Melissa says she doesn’t even need to be in physical contact with the person she’s trying to decipher. She can learn about a person’s problems just by connecting with their aura and energy. When she talks with someone who has problems, Melissa gains access to their energies. And these energies don’t come only from the present, but also from the past. These past and present energies can influence the future, she says.

When Melissa decided to use spirits and help people, she used deep meditation to enter a state of trance. In this state, she began communicating with the intangible or tangible spirits from other realms so that she can obtain information. It doesn’t matter what problem Melissa is trying to solve, she can assess it, to begin with, just by entering into this deep state of trance. Then, she interacts with her client’s Higher Self so that she can see where the problems are that are causing sadness, regrets, and pain.

How Does Melissa Solve Problems?

When trying to solve people’s problems, Melissa first asks them to capture with their minds the entire energy that has been spent hating themselves or the way they have felt or looked like. Then, she channels this energy and helps her clients invest it in themselves. This leads to feelings of self-care and self-love. She needs to intervene with her trance mind state in this direction, as this is helping her help people connect with their higher soul so that they can identify the problems they’re struggling the most with. These problems can be about health, money, social issues, or career.

Melissa claims to be a very powerful empath who’s sensitive to all emotional vibrations. Her incredible intuition and power of foresight come into play as soon as she needs to assess and understand any emotion or feeling. And Melissa understands all these things at the most meaningful and deepest level. Further, she can tap into people’s energy fields to read general things about their life. Then, she guesses their energies when it comes to love, health, relationships, or career. Melissa provides several services to people all over the world, with complete accuracy according to her official website, these are:

Melissa’s Past

Melissa says she has worked in many important fields. She also claims to have helped the government, law enforcement agencies, and institutions identify individuals. People from the entire world and at the highest levels have appreciated her for her services. Melissa is very grateful when she receives a “thank you” note from someone after she has done a reading or made a sketch of their soulmate.

She has also performed soul purification ceremonies, so she knows what she’s doing because she’s aware of how the Universe works for those who believe in it. What Melissa wants from her clients is that they believe in her and the Universe. If those who come to her trust, then they will get their reading more accurately and precisely.

What’s great about her superpowers is that she doesn’t need to physically interact with her clients. She could be at a great distance from them, they will have their energy fields tapped into by her, and this will result in the clearest readings that can offer unique solutions to all sorts of problems.


Q. How Quickly will Customers receive their Sketch and Reading from Melissa?

A. Melissa states the reading and a high-quality sketch are delivered to the customer’s email they provided within 12 – 48 hours, based on the order priority the customer has chosen while placing their orders.

Q. What do customers get with their sketch?

A. Customers get a full description of personal characteristics and qualities that help them connect with each other.

Q. Can customers recognize their Soulmate?

A. Melissa says that the sketch will closely resemble someone that they are currently close to or admire and possibly someone they already have feelings for.

How Much Does a Sketch and Reading from Melissa Cost?

The services offered by Melissa’s official website are:

  • Drawing of a Soulmate – $29.99
  • Drawing of a Twin Flame – $29.99
  • Drawing of a Future Husband – $29.99
  • Drawing of a Future Baby – $29.99

Bonus Information: Melissa will tell customers precisely when their paths with their soulmate will cross

Contact Melissa by email message at:

  • https://www.melissa-psychic.com/contact.php

All of the drawings are said to be 100% natural, and many customers have only good things to say about Melissa’s work.

Melissa is also offering refunds for her services, but this is only if she couldn’t deliver the sketches, or the product is not what the client had asked for.

She can be contacted through the email contact form on her official website to start the reading, a sketch, or to ask more questions about her services >>>


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