Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops Reviews – Is It Worth the Money?

According to the manufacturer, Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops is a health supplement made entirely of 100% natural ingredients that can help consumers lose weight healthily. It’s a fact that people in their 30s or older find it more and more difficult to drop their extra weight. Luckily, the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops focus on the hormone called BAM15, which is necessary for the treatment of many health problems. Nevertheless, it is not easy to activate BAM15. Still, the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops contain various naturally occurring ingredients that have been shown to stimulate the production of this hormone. As a result, it stimulates the metabolic response against the visceral fat that surrounds essential organs in the body.

How Do the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops Work?

Even if they believe they are eating healthy, many people continue to struggle with their weight. Still, the solution offered by the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops effectively solves this problem. When it comes to people over the age of 35, the manufacturer suggests that weight loss is impossible if the underlying cause of the problem is not addressed. And the hormone BAM15 is the cause of the unnecessary weight gain that occurs. This hormone, also known as the “morning hormone,” is targeted by the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops supplement, which affects weight loss starting in the morning when the user wakes up. Compared to any diet or exercise, the BAM15 hormone is said to be able to burn fat 366% faster and more efficiently than any other method. Users of the formula can lose about 11 pounds very rapidly if the supplement is administered every morning. The Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops should be taken regularly and as directed by the manufacturer to allow the faster body fat loss.

As people age, it becomes more and more challenging to shed additional pounds, even when trying to maintain the same caloric intake while increasing physical activity. This means that even more effort must be made to maintain a healthy weight. But the good news is that the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops formula focuses on the hormone BAM15 and tries to find a solution to this problem. This hormone is responsible for burning even the most deeply rooted and densely packed fat stores in the body. It eliminates the most difficult fat more efficiently than any other method. Every person has a certain amount of the hormone BAM15, yet their body stops producing it and leaves it inactive as they age. When a person reaches the age of 35, BAM15 essentially stops working, making it much more difficult to lose weight. The Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops formulation aims to restore the function of BAM15, which allows users to quickly lose weight and burn fat that is resisting their efforts.

Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops Ingredients

The official website of Ignite Drops states that the product contains several different organic ingredients. It consists of weight loss components such as minerals, vitamins, and some other nutrients, as well as herbs and plant extracts. Below are some of the ingredients used in the production of this product:

Gymnema Leaf

Gymnema Leaf extract is a natural plant compound with few beneficial health effects (1). Several studies have shown that it can help lower blood sugar levels and improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In addition to its many benefits, it also has properties that help reduce inflammation.

Forskohlii Root

This ingredient is known for its positive effects on weight loss. It contains a high concentration of a natural component called Forskolin, which has been associated with benefits such as fat burning. Forskolin has also been shown to suppress hunger and has thermogenic properties that speed up the process of burning extra fat. For the same reason, Forskolin (2) is offered in various dietary supplements and weight loss products on the market today. The composition of the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops contains this substance that offers many health benefits, including protection against glaucoma, lowering insulin resistance, and lowering blood pressure levels.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Leaf Extract is a well-known and widely used weight loss ingredient that can be found in a variety of diet tablets. It is rich in antioxidants like EGCG and has several properties contributing to weight loss. The Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops contain this ingredient, which has been shown to promote bone health and maintain healthy cholesterol levels, too (3). In addition, it helps to increase mental concentration and alertness.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed is another well-known ingredient found in a variety of dietary supplements. It has a high concentration of polyphenols, which are antioxidants derived from plants that combat inflammation (4). In addition to these benefits, it also reduces the risk of skin cancer, which it shares with Green Tea extract. Grape Seed is also known to promote bone health and improve cognitive function.

Panax Ginseng Root

This ingredient is widely used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine. According to the manufacturers, this component doesn’t only improve erectile dysfunction too but also reduces the level of stress that a person experiences. As a result of the increased synthesis and activity of BAM15 in the body, users are better able to address the causes of weight gain beyond the age of 35 when taking Ginseng (5).

Guarana Seeds

This all-natural, herbal ingredient is found in various products designed to boost energy levels, including energy drinks. The composition of the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops contains it to stimulate and increase the production of BAM15 by 327-fold (6). Guarana also increases the activity of the hormone threefold and allows users to achieve a healthy weight and burn fat faster.

Maca Root

The use of Maca Root, which is derived from plants and completely natural, has been linked to increased BAM15 activity. The developer claims that the ingredient dramatically increases BAM15 activity, which speeds up burning fat (7) and reduces overall body weight. This ingredient has been used in South American cuisine for hundreds of years. It is also said to alleviate feelings of worry and despair and help relieve the symptoms of menopause.

In addition to these ingredients, the formula of the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops also contains an extract of the root of the Astragalus plant, the fruit of the Capsicum Annuum plant, Grapefruit seeds, African Mango, and a section of the root of Eleuthero. The synergistic action of all mentioned ingredients will accelerate fat burning and weight loss.

Taking the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops

The manufacturers of the product recommend customers take this supplement in the same way as the indigenous people of the Amazon did. The procedure consists of putting 10 drops of the formula directly under the tongue in the morning before breakfast. Administering the supplement under the tongue allows its formula to be absorbed into the body much more quickly and easily. Those who want to speed up their metabolism and feel more energized throughout the day need to stick to this procedure for at least a month.

What Do People Have to Say about the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops?

The Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops supplement has received positive feedback from customers on several websites. These users claim that they have lost a significant amount of weight by using the product. It seems many of them managed to lose at least 50 pounds. Others claim that they have noticed fewer symptoms of discomfort, an increase in their cognitive abilities, and various other benefits. According to the product’s official website, below are some of the weight loss testimonials and claims that have come from actual consumers who have used this supplement.

One of the customers says that Ignite has completely changed his life. Before he started using it, he found it hard to lose weight even when he ate healthily and exercised, but since he started taking it, he has lost 65 pounds.

Another customer reports that taking 10 drops of the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops in the morning before breakfast makes her feel healthy and refreshed. She also adds that by taking this supplement at night too, she was able to lose 37 pounds.

The Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops have helped one woman lower her blood pressure, relieve her back pain, and lose 35 pounds in 6 weeks. This lady says that taking this supplement has made her feel like a completely different and better person.

For another customer, Ignite helped her lose 42 pounds, and she says she is still amazed at the results.

Another woman started taking the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops every day, and she has lost nearly 47 pounds.

How Much Do the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops Cost?

People can get the Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops from the product’s official website for:

  • One bottle at $69
  • Two bottles + 1 FREE and 1 FREE bottle of ToxiClear at $156
  • Three bottles + 2 FREE and 1 FREE bottle of ToxiClear at $246

Included in these prices, there’s also a 150-day money-back guarantee on all products. The Ignite Amazonian Drops customer support can be reached at:



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