Cosmic Manifesto Reviews – Legit Program That Works or Scam?

Cosmic Manifesto is a system made of the most powerful sound frequency that allows you to manifest your own reality by calling upon the energy in the universe.

It’s good you are here and ready to know the secret of getting everything you want. Yes, you heard it right; everything you want.

The reason you’ve come across this video is that the Universe has heard your prayers, and they have been answered. There’s a special message here just for you.

So, in a moment, you are going to discover something that’s going to change your life forever

No matter how much you’ve spent …

How many times you’ve tried but failed …

The effort you’ve put in, but your debts keep growing as you struggle to keep yourself financially afloat.

Well, today is your lucky day!

You might be feeling angry now because of the bad things that have been happening to you. But that’s natural. It’s your right to feel angry.


You are not the problem. The issue is, you have been lied to over the years. These lies have prevented you from achieving your dreams and leading the life you deserve.

And a secret of setting you free has been hidden from you. If you have ever heard statements like “life is hard, and there’s no way out.”

Or “you’ll never get rich, no matter what you do or how much effort you put into it.”

Even your closest family and friends have always poured cold water on all you tried to do. Some will tell you they tried the same thing and failed.

Your current state might be because you believed these lies. It simply means you allowed your life to be controlled by someone else.

However, this is where the Cosmic Manifesto system can help users stop this control and choose the paths they can take to find success and happiness.

Consumers learn how they can take control of their life and destiny, to start attracting prosperity and bringing abundance into their lives, and it’s not magic; once they begin to follow the steps of the Cosmic Manifesto, this leads to living the life deserved.

Imagine living a debt-free life or going for vacations on the beautiful exotic beaches with your loved ones.

You know what? The secret that the Cosmic Manifesto can provide will allow users to discover and enable you to achieve that and even more. The good news is that this secret works for everybody.

Now, before we continue, you need to know who is behind this video and why he’s here to deliver this important message to you.

His name is Jerry Stewart.

Does that name sound familiar? Of course. You must have watched his interviews on CBS, Fox News, and other big media outlets on how he helped about 12,500 people achieve the kind of life they desired without hard work or effort.

Before Jerry became known as the top spiritual master he is today; his life was totally a mess. A few years back, he was just an ordinary man working as a delivery man for a logistics company. All he cared for was for his wife Samantha and his two kids, Max and Ethan, to have a good and fulfilling life.

Sadly, the money he was earning wasn’t enough to give his family a good life. He was convinced he had to find ways of making money to improve the life of his family.

So, he invested his savings in several programs and courses and also attended many seminars.

He even tried MLM companies, aiming to get rich quickly.


Unfortunately, He Kept Failing

No matter how hard Jerry tried, he kept failing and becoming more desperate.

It’s like every step he was taking was a mistake… He kept making one mistake after the other.

This is how he got himself into too much debt, which forced his wife to take up two jobs to help pay. For three months, Jerry could not support his family and was forced to borrow from his parents to put food on the table. Jerry says there’s nothing as embarrassing as being unable to provide for your family.

Things Got A Little Worse

Jerry thought he had hit rock bottom, but not until one night his son Nathan had a high fever, and they had to rush him to the hospital. Unfortunately, it was found that he had a lung infection and needed immediate surgery. Jerry had no health insurance, so he was asked to pay $1,000 as a pre-admission deposit.

Ys $1,000, but all he had were a few $10 and $5 notes in his wallet. Furthermore, all his credit cards had been maxed out.

He was given three days to make the payment; otherwise, his son wouldn’t be treated. He went out and sat on a bench, feeling so devastated that he could pay for the treatment of his loved one. While at the bench, a gentleman in his 40’s came and tapped his shoulders lightly.

He wasn’t in the mood to talk and told the man to leave him alone. The guy told him not to lose hope, adding that “The Universe is here to help you.” He didn’t understand what the man was saying at that time and didn’t know that the incident would change his life forever.

A few days later, as he was delivering a parcel, his vehicle stalled. Since he had no option, and his employment depended on delivering the parcel, and he had no money for a taxi, he decided to trek.

Fortunately, the man who had tapped his shoulder at the hospital came by and offered him a lift. At first, he was hesitant, remembering how he had been rude to the man earlier, but since he had no option and time was running out, he accepted the lift.

This man introduced himself as Xander, and surprisingly, he even knows the address where Jerry was going. Jerry was stunned and asked the man how he knew the address or was it a coincidence. It was quite unbelievable.

The man told him it wasn’t a coincidence, assuring him that the reason they had met again was by destiny. He reminded Jerry what he told him at the hospital, that the Universe had sent him to help Jerry. The man gave Jerry an MP3 player and told him it contained a gift from the Universe and will eliminate all his struggles.

He told Jerry to listen to the MP3 daily until the day they meet again. Jerry wondered how the MP player would change his life, but he accepted the gift anyway. Xander also gave him a note with his contact details.

On reaching home, he threw the MP3 player on the sofa and started wondering how he would pay the $1,000 deposit fee for his son’s surgery.

He then remembered what Xander had told him – to listen to the MP3, and that’s what he did.

The music made him feel a kind of energy and warmth flowing through his body, and instantly, his stress, anxiety, and tension seemed to melt away. He felt great peace of mind.

From That Day On, Miracles Started Happening In His Life

First, he was called by a doctor from the hospital where his son was. He thought his son’s life was in danger, but when he arrived, the doctor apologized that he had misdiagnosed his son. His son only had the flu and was due for discharge the following day.

Next, after a few days, his wife received a $5,000 check from her previous employer. The following week, Jerry was promoted and offered a pay raise of $3,500. He won $25,000 in a lottery. With this money, he was able to clear his debts and improve the status of his family. Jerry was witnessing one miracle after the next. Was this because of the MP3 player he was listening to daily?

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Could listening to some weird music lead to all this abundance? Jerry was also confused; what he discovered next changed his belief completely. He arranged for a meeting with Xander to learn that Xander was part of a family that practices spiritual guidance. They have been doing that from generation to generation.

Xander’s family made astounding discoveries about manifesting abundance and prosperity by studying the Universe and that the Universe comprises energy waves that vibrate at different frequencies.

It’s These Frequencies That Determine Our Reality

So if you want to experience good things such as better relationships, better health, and financial abundance, you need to vibrate at an optimal frequency. The optimal frequency is 432 Hertz, which is referred to as the Cosmic Frequency.

Listen for 30 minutes a day to the Cosmic Manifesto every night before you sleep

Simply put, your frequency determines your reality.

Why Choose the Cosmic Manifesto?

Do you want to experience life in its fullest abundance? If so, then the secret is that you have to rely on the energy from the Universe. Oftentimes, you might have faced life challenges such as failed relationships, being deep in debts, experiencing anxiety, stress, and depression, among others.

You might have tried several options to solve these problems; attending seminars, using supplements and pills, and even trying counseling sessions. The good news is, you no longer need all these. You can now use the Cosmic Manifesto to transform your life.

Jerry Stewart designed the Cosmic Manifesto program to help people become rich. It involves using MP3 audio tracks to connect human energy waves with that of the universe to change their lives for the best, help them achieve their desires, and manifest success, happiness, abundance, wealth, and money.

With this program, your head will be filled with several ideas to help you lead a fulfilling and prosperous life, free from debts. There’s proof that this program can work for everybody. You have to follow it as instructed, and you’ll live a healthier and happier lifestyle. It will give you have the confidence to be in charge of your life.

Many people have realized the power within the Cosmic Manifesto, and they are eager to provide positive reviews of how this program helped them lead the kind of life they want and deserve. If you want to benefit from this program, you must be prepared to go beyond the basics and make a serious resolution that can help you achieve great success in life.

You must understand the steps and stick to them, making them be part and parcel of your daily life. That’s the only way you can become prosperous. Next, you must be committed to this course. Once you realize you can take your destiny into your hands and control it, you’ll start seeing positive changes in your life, and riches will start flowing in.

The moment you start thinking about yourself positively, this will have a strong influence on your life. You’ll be shocked at how much time you’ve wasted chasing at things that were readily available for you. Some of this will appear like miracles.

Does the Cosmic Manifesto Really Work?

The Cosmic Manifesto came about after several years of research. If you use it well, it will change your life. It requires personal commitment and dedication. Once you’ve decided to try it, your next step should be to find the key to wealth development.

The Cosmic Manifesto works by vibrating your brain’s energy waves at a frequency of the cosmic waves, which is 432 Hertz. This is the natural frequency of the universe. At this frequency, your brain will be aligned with the universe, and it will attract and help you achieve anything you’ve ever dreamed of and want. This program doesn’t require any previous experience, and there are no meditation books to read. It also doesn’t require you to know any law of attraction or the knowledge of any other law to change your lifestyle to achieve your dreams and manifest money, success, and happiness.

You’ll need to listen to the Cosmic Manifesto’s MP3s every night, preferably before retiring to bed and start living the life of your dreams. The Cosmic Manifesto program is the most powerful universe sound you’ll ever hear. It is simple and easy to use, and its frequency will transform your life miraculously to achieve the wealth and vitality you yearn for. You’ll need to listen to these MP3 s for only about 30 minutes daily and consistently.

This program has been tested and has worked for over 12,000 people from all over the world. It will help remove your stress, tension, anxiety and change your entire life effortlessly and quickly. The Cosmic Manifesto is downloadable because it’s digital. This means you can listen to it anywhere after downloading it. The entire program costs only $9, which is a one-time payment – no monthly subscriptions or fees.

Key Features of Cosmic Manifesto Program

The Cosmic Manifesto program will let you learn that you have an inherent capability to change your lifestyle. You have to understand that whatever you could do to make your reality will always earn you a reward.

You have no control over your life, but the Cosmic Manifesto program will give you this capability so that you can create your own reality. When you’ve decided to change your destiny, you’ve got to believe you have the energy to do so, and you have to start the manifesting process. This is the ideal way to start a new journey in your life, a life of prosperity.

Once you get to know that you have the capacity to manifest that inner prosperity, you’ll appreciate the fact that you don’t need to rely on anybody else to manifest these life abundances.

Purchase The Cosmic Manifesto

Do you want to experience life in its fullest abundance? You have to rely on the energy from the Universe. Once you get the Cosmic Manifesto, you’ll be able to transform your life by increasing your wealth. Consumers can enrich their lives, manifest their every dream. To do this, purchasing the Cosmic Manifesto can be made on the official website for $9.00. The company offers its customers a 60-day money-back guarantee. This means you are guaranteed to get positive results if you use it consistently. If you feel the program doesn’t work for you, request a refund, and you’ll get your money back.

if the Cosmic Manifesto isn’t the right answer, can contact the company by live chat or email at: Customer Support: https://www.clkbank.com/


You now have a solution for your life challenges at an affordable cost. The Cosmic Manifesto program has been proven to work, and you can be 100% sure it will also work for you. This program doesn’t require much of your time or effort. Just dedicate about 30 minutes daily to listen to the MP3s, and you’ll start attracting the positive results you want – it’s just as simple as such.

Your destiny is now in your hands. All the wealth and good life you have been dreaming about are now in your hands. The 60-day money-back guarantee is clear proof that this program works. Buy the program, try it, and ask for your money back if it fails for you.

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