Town Hall meeting covers drug crisis

By Dodie Schiessl

The Lopez Town Hall meeting was an evening filled with information, questions and action plans regarding drugs on Lopez.

Sheriff Ron Krebs informed the audience about local law enforcements efforts to combat drugs in the islands.

The following are highlights of his presentation:

– Drug usage is increasing county-wide as well as nationwide.

– Drugs are mainly arriving to the entire county via the ferries.

– The sheriff’s department has requested Washington Department of Transporation permission to access ferry surveillance cameras.

– Local law enforcement has asked for more collaboration between Washington Stated Ferries, the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, Anacortes Police Department and Skagit County Drug Taskforce.

– Anacortes law enforcement has agreed to provide the use of their drug dog at Anacortes Ferry Terminal when San Juan officers request it.

– Krebs has requested Washington State Patrol to reinstate a drug dog on the ferries.

– Local law enforcement is working on acquiring a drug dog for the islands.

– It was made very clear that the fight against drugs will take the cooperation of the entire community.

– The sheriff asks that all residents watch and report. If you see suspicious behavior pay attention and note details (i.e. car make, color license number, description of persons involved). report this information to the Sheriff Anonymous Tip Line at 360-370-7629 and please leave a contact number and name so an office can check details if needed.

The Lopez Prevention Coalition will be hosting another Town Hall Meeting on May 18 providing more information about what residents can do to help with the fight against drugs.

Dodie Schiessl is a Lopez Island Prevention Coalition member.