The Good Lovelies return to the islands

The three lyrical ladies that comprise The Good Lovelies have ventured the world over many times since making music their primary careers nine years ago. Their travels will once again bring the group back to Orcas Island in mid-January.

The Toronto-based musical trio will grace the stage at Lopez Center on Jan. 19 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at for $20 for adults and $10 for students.

The Good Lovelies’ West Coast tour precedes the release of their eighth album, “Shapeshifters,” available Feb. 9. They just concluded their eleventh annual Christmas tour, a celebration of the band’s anniversary.

“We’re looking forward to going back to our regular material,” Caroline Brooks, one of the three female singer-songwriters in The Good Lovelies, said. “[We’re] also super excited because we’re going to have a whole bunch of new songs that have never been played live before … The newest album is definitely a progression towards more of a pop sounds… We really experimented with new sounds. It was a totally new approach for us.”

Kerri Ough and Susan Passmore round out The Good Lovelies, which is accompanied on the upcoming tour by a bassist and drummer. The band will next visit three venues in Washington state and five in Canada during January to preview “Shapeshifters.” They will then take a break until March when they’ll tour the midwest U.S. and Australia. Brooks said The Good Lovelies will likely perform a national tour during the summer and into the fall.

“We’ll be back out West again for sure before the end of the year… We love Washington state – it’s so beautiful,” Brooks said. “We’ve had such a great vibe [in the islands]. The people are so kind. Really, really nice shows.”

The Good Lovelies began in 2006 when the three singer-songwriters collaborated for a one-off concert. After that, the band naturally just came together, said Brooks. Ough and Passmore were childhood friends and roommates when Passmore met Brooks through a mutual friend. Passmore introduced brooks and Ough and the rest was history.

“It’s totally amazing … to have a business with your two best friends,” Brooks said.

Whether the crowd is 40 fans or 900, Brooks said the band’s goal is to make the audience feel as though they spent the show hanging out in someone’s living room. A Good Lovelies’ concert is filled with banter and stories of their adventures on the road.

Based on the reactions we’re getting from our fans, we’re definitely excited to bring this new sound to them,” Brooks said. “We’ve been touring for a long time we see a lot of return faces – familiar faces… It’s fun for us, and challenging for us, to take that new record that’s coming out in February and translate it to the stage.”