Lopez Island School District/Contributed photo

Lopez Island School District/Contributed photo

Summer Energy and Safety Construction at Lopez School

  • Wed Jun 26th, 2019 10:07am
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Submitted by Lopez Island School District

Students left school last week for summer vacation only to be replaced this week by construction workers. They will be working on a number of energy efficiency and life safety projects for Lopez School.

A state capital projects grant won previously by the school is funding the work.

Key aspects of the project include: replacing the last legacy heating and cooling system in the high school wing with an energy efficient heat pump system; adding new energy efficient LED lighting in the high school and gym hallways; extending fire sprinklers into the school gym (the final area of the campus without fire sprinklers); and adding an emergency generator to power the school’s fire sprinkler pump.

“We had originally hoped to do this work during the previous major renovation project,” stated school board chair John Helding. “Due to delays in the legislative process, the funding showed up a bit later than hoped so we needed to schedule the project for this summer. Some of the work is required by new fire and safety standards, so of course we are happy to be able to add these improvements to the school.”

Low bidder and general contractor for the project is P&L General Contractors of Oak Harbor, Washington. The school will remain open for other activities during construction. Check the school website or district office for specifics. All work is scheduled to be completed before the start of school in the fall.