Seed exchange at the Grange

Submitted by the San Juan Island Grange.

Seed saving and exchanging are both fun and important. Much seed diversity has been lost, as the big companies that supply most seeds to gardeners only carry a tiny slice of the varieties of any given vegetable that exists. Seeds are expensive and are only maximally viable for a few years. So seed exchanges, where people bring seeds they have saved from their own gardens, or ones they have gotten more of than they need (a package of lettuce contains hundreds of seeds…) have become very popular. The Grange and the Master Gardeners have both hosted a few in recent years and now it’s time to open up to the community at large.

Come and share your seeds, and pick some up – Sunday, Feb. 25 from 2-4 p.m. at The Grange, 152 First Street North in Friday Harbor.