Salish Way III construction begins

  • Tue Aug 11th, 2020 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Rhea Miller

Lopez Community Land Trust has begun construction on Salish Way III.

Four new homes will fill out the Salish Way neighborhood with four local working residents: Meghan Herold, who works at Spencer Spit State Park; Julia Rogers owner of Isabelle’s Espresso; Luis Cisneros, employed at the Islander Lopez; and David Lawrence, who works at Thomas-Fragnoli construction. Each of these homeowners will be providing 20 hours of sweat equity each week, with up to half being shared with building partners.

This is the first LCLT project utilizing structural insulated panels (SIPs) for construction of the wall and roof system. With COVID-19 LCLT made the decision to use this more expensive building option in order to better keep people socially distanced while building. The SIPs panelized system will help achieve a more spacious work environment. Bill Lewis of Mitrebox Construction will bring his forklift and knowledge of SIPs building and help lift the roof panels into place. After a few days erecting the walls and fitting the roof in place, crews will split up and do the interior wall framing and finish work.

LCLT expects to save a couple weeks on the schedule but spend more on construction costs. During this pandemic, LCTC Executive Director Sandy Bishop said it is a good trade-off.

The site has been set up according to the Governor’s protocols for prevention of COVID-19. Non-construction workers are asked not to visit the site, but if anyone wishes to volunteer on the project, they can contact Sandy at or call 360-468-3723 to arrange and organize a safe distancing task.

Barry Hastings, construction supervisor, said he is grateful to have work. Paul Henriksen is the onsite teacher/trainer for the homeowners and volunteers and enjoys his work. Emma Young and Marly Schmidke will both be carpenter’s apprentices, and Marly is also training in project management. Two building partners, Anne and Beth were working on site and recently said, “We have never helped build a house before. It’s special because of Meghan, one of the new residents.” Meghan replied that she feels overwhelming gratitude.

“I feel super-trusting. It’s so organized and there’s a lot of love here,” she said.