Once upon an island

  • Tue Aug 7th, 2018 10:43am
  • Life

Submitted by Linda Ann Vorobik and Tamara Shane

This August’s group show at Chimera Gallery, our Lopez Island art cooperative, has the theme of “Once Upon an Island,” and members’ works reflect their own island experiences or art inspired by living on Lopez. Everyone is welcome to join us in an open dialogue of what it is that each of us loves about this special place. The opening reception for this group show is 5-7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 11, at Chimera Gallery, Lopez Village Plaza. Please join us!

Summer is the time on Lopez when there are lots of visitors, bikes on roads, folks in the village, hikers in the parks and boats in the bay. We are all drawn to the fresh air, the vistas, to those quiet moments of deeply needed rest and the inspiration that only comes from breathing in the beauty that is this island habitat.

The island is filled with writers, musicians and artists; you know, creative types. Why are we here? It is simple: We are imbibing the energy of this place. Breathe in the clean air, exhale a poem. Listen to morning bird chorus, play music. Gaze at reflections upon a bay, paint a painting. Some artists manifest this literally: a bowl carved from island wood, a botanical subject from local flora, a landscape. For many of us the artistic process, which can take months or be spontaneous, is nurtured by the luxury of quiet that this corner of the world affords.

It is the quiet that allows the artistic process to proceed. Those who appreciate art may look at a created object and think of the physical abilities needed to make it, such as how to hold a brush and apply just the right amount of paint in just the right place, or how to use the ceramics wheel, or turn a piece of green wood such that it magnificently morphs into a shape somewhere between geometrically perfect and organically alive. But for many artists, a work begins with the seed of an idea or even a feeling. These thoughts or feelings are considered for weeks or years…what if I do this? What would happen if I changed that? The concepts are manifested from physical ability, mechanical problem solving, combined with imaginative gifts, resulting in a piece that we hope speaks to others by making them think, or remember, or by simply bringing them joy.

The works of gallery members might reflect some fun and loving experience sharing with friends on the beach, or perhaps the artist is sharing with you their vision of the landscape or work that sprouted from an idea and grew into a provocative object. Whatever it is, Lopez artwork connects us: visitors can take home a work that helps them remember what it is that we live for, be it beauty, laughter or love.