New podcast Car Life With Kids engages children

Submitted by Jan Crossen.

Car Life With Kids is a new podcast created to keep children engaged and entertained by listening to audiobooks while they spend time in the car. This must-have podcast is perfect for any family road trip, school run, or errand-filled day.

Lopez children’s author, Jan Crossen’s book, The Adventures of Wilbur, a Part-time Farm Cat, is one of the podcasts. Wilbur is a curious and brave cat who ventures up the driveway of a farm to investigate the new people living there. It is an exciting, heartwarming, and sometimes humorous story for those who love the regal personalities, amusing antics, and loveable ways of cats.

Children can see the beautiful illustrations and follow along with the book by downloading the ebook or purchasing the print version from the Lopez Bookshop or Amazon. Care Life With Kids was the brainchild of two amazing children’s authors, Laurie Wright and Caitlin Bangsund. Laurie’s book, I Can Do It, is a reminder that kids can do hard things. It is part of a series providing children with self-confidence and skills for managing their emotions. Marvellous Macey, The Delightful Days, is an inspirational tale written by Cailtin. It is about accepting who you are, as well as accepting the uniqueness of others.

Care Life With Kids is available for free at Car Life With Kids (