New art at the park

Submitted by the Islands Sculpture Park.

Islands Sculpture Park is happy to announce the addition of four new sculptures in the park. Stop by and see them!

“Rainforest Dream” by Leo Osborne can be found near the entrance of the Park. Look for a beautiful marbled blue parrot. “Discovering Our Wild” by John Bennett Waxo is an intricate bronze sculpture built to be touched, with over 70 animals in relief, many extinct or endangered.

“Cuddles” by Pokey Park is too adorable to miss with three raccoons sharing a hug. Pokey Park also did our favorite frog (“I’ve Been Kissed”). “Woodrow” by Joe Treat is a near-life-sized driftwood rhinoceros. Joe Treat also created our driftwood “Saratops”.

In case you were wondering more about the art at the Sculpture Park, here is a selection of our FAQs! See more FAQs on our website at

How many sculptures are there?

Between 110 to 150. The amount of sculptures fluctuates, depending on how many pieces we have sold, how many we return to the artists, and how many new pieces we install.

Where do they come from?

Most of the sculptures come from the greater Pacific Northwest, although we have works from all over the U.S., Canada, and even New Zealand. All works are owned by the artists or have been purchased by the Park as part of the permanent collection.

How are they chosen?

Submissions by professional sculptors are chosen each year through a blind selection, majority vote process by the Sculpture Park board. Visitor comments help us to decide which pieces should become a part of the park’s permanent collection.

Why do they have prices?

Unless owned by the Park, sculptures are sold on commission. We support artists by giving them an opportunity for exposure at the park and a chance to sell their works.

About the San Juan Islands Sculpture Park:

The San Juan Islands Sculpture Park is located on beautiful San Juan Island in Washington state. It is home to over 150 unique creations by emerging and world-renowned sculptors. The 20-acre Park is dog-friendly, features five trails, and offers interactive exhibits for both children and adults. The Park is open every day of the year from dawn until dusk. There is no entry fee, but donations are appreciated.

Contributed photo
“Discovering Our Wild” by John Bennett Waxo

Contributed photo “Discovering Our Wild” by John Bennett Waxo

Contributed photo
”Cuddles” by Pokey Park

Contributed photo ”Cuddles” by Pokey Park