Mobile dental partnership serves hundreds countywide

Submitted by San Juan County

San Juan County has been the recipient of North Sound Accountable Communities of Health Local Impact Network (LIN) funds from the Arcora Foundation to support a mobile dental partnership with Medical Teams International (MTI) Mobile Dental Van. The end of 2023 wraps up the final year of this three-year grant project. In conjunction with community partner funding support including Orcas Island Community Foundation, San Juan Island Community Foundation, Fish for Teeth, Honeywell Charitable Fund, San Juan Island Rotary, and Lopez Island Family Resource Center, this community oral health project was able to serve over 400 patients across the county and provided over $250,000 in dental care each year. In 2024 San Juan County Health and Community Services is planning partnerships with Orcas Island Health Care District, Orcas Island Community Foundation, and Fish for Teeth to create a Rural Health Clinic mobile model for dental care across the islands. As additional funding is secured, future oral health community clinics will be able to offer routine dental services including exams, radiographs, hygiene services, extractions, and fillings and will expand to include pediatric as well as adult dental services for those on Medicaid (Apple Health) or uninsured and unable to afford access to dental care.