Lopez in print this April

  • Fri Mar 19th, 2010 11:50pm
  • Life
Front cover for Images of America: Lopez  Island

Front cover for Images of America: Lopez Island

There will be a new way to appreciate the island this April with the publication of a new Arcadia Publishing work: “Images of America: Lopez Island.” Written by Susan Lehne Ferguson, the book captures, as Mark Thompson-Klein says, “the personalities, toughness, and creativity that makes Lopez the place we love.” As executive director of the Lopez Museum, Thompson-Klein helped steer Ferguson toward research materials “She is a tireless researcher,” he says.

Ferguson moved to Lopez Island with her family in 1989 and over time became enamored with the island community and eager to give something back. She used the opportunity to write this book as a fundraiser for the Lopez Island Historical Society and Museum, of which she is also a trustee.

The book, priced at $21.99, will be released around April 20 but the museum is accepting advance orders. The copies will be available from the museum and the museum website, lopezmuseum.org.