Lopez author releases new book

  • Mon Oct 25th, 2021 2:44pm
  • Life
Lopezian Crossen's new book is for horse-lovers of all ages.

Lopez author, Jan Crossen, has released Dream Horse, the third book in her Farm Adventures Series. She was three years old when her daddy lifted her up onto the back of an old palomino mare. That’s the day she fell in love with horses and began dreaming of one day having a horse of her own. Alas, the years passed and she grew older. Would her dream ever come true?

“I wrote Dream Horse because I believe in the power of dreams and in the value of pursuing them in order to achieve your heart’s desires,” Crossen said. “I also wanted to share some basic information about horses with children who might not have much exposure to them. This book is part of my Farm Adventure Series. I felt the series was important because, according to the TV program, America’s Heartland, today’s children are an average of 3-4 generations removed from farm life. I wanted to give my readers a little taste of life on the farm. So far there are two additional books in this series: ‘The Adventures of Wilbur, A Part-time Farm Cat’ and ‘My Musical Cow.’ A fourth book will be published in time for the holidays.”

Crossen’s books are available from Amazon and the Lopez Bookshop.