Lopez author publishes children’s picture book about second chances

Submitted by Jan Crossen

Lopez author Jan Crossen recently published her second children’s picture book “Glori, Miracle Dog.”

This book was inspired by her blind pug, Gloria Rose, who was left abandoned and alone in the wilderness for over a month. Thanks to a caring woman on horseback, a compassionate veterinarian, an organization that helps dogs in need, and an understanding grandmother, Glori gets a second chance at a healthy and happy life filled with love. Glori is a survivor and this is her rescue story.

“I wrote the book because I wanted children, their parents, and grandparents to consider adopting older dogs instead of puppies,” Crossen said. “Over the years I’ve adopted my share of puppies, which of course are adorable, but they certainly require a lot of extra energy and work. Let’s face it since most people gravitate towards puppies; they are easier to place than adult dogs.

“As a mature adult, I actually prefer an adult or even senior dog as my companion animal. I’m hoping that people will see the value and beauty in giving an older dog a second chance at life and love. I want kids to understand that special needs dogs can be wonderful, loving, companions. I adore our dog, Gloria Rose, and am so grateful that she is ours.

“Through this story, I was also hoping that parents would talk with their children about the importance of kindness. It is demonstrated throughout the book by the woman on horseback, who found the dog, the veterinarian who cared for her, and the pug rescue group that found her a new adoptive home. I wanted the children to see the need for patience and understanding when adding a new dog to the family. The fact that Glori overcame such hardships speaks to her strengths, and the fact that she is so happy and well adjusted is a lesson in gratitude to us all. I also wanted to educate parents and their kids on the proper way to meet and interact with a new dog and basic information on what to expect when they take their pet to the veterinarian.”

Glori, Miracle Dog is appropriate for children ages 5-11. It is available from Amazon and The Lopez Bookshop.