Local resident publishes magical realism novel

Submitted by Rebecca Cook.

RA Cook local resident of San Juan Island, and author of “Calvin Splinter & His Splendid Splinter Ideas,” “GIGANTA, An Epic Tale” and “Lola’s Muse,” has recently launched a magical realism novel entitled: Going Out the IN Road.

Inspired to write a short story after living on Orcas Island in the early 2000s, RA Cook expanded the narrative into a riveting novel steeped in mystical overtones. The story germinates on Orcas Island after Margot Anderson, the protagonist, has an unforgettable dream she can’t shake.

Determined to follow her instincts, Margot takes a leap of faith and moves into a small trailer on the IN Road. The Orcas Island property was once owned by Georgia Swan, a famous author, who mysteriously disappeared there fifty years in the past. Margot intends to write about Swan’s disappearance and embarks on an uncommon journey as she learns to navigate through multidimensional and time portals and discovers answers to questions she hadn’t thought to ask.

“My sister was caretaker for a large family estate on Orcas in the 2000s,” Cook said. “The property had paraellel dirt roads going into and out of it. The family labeled them IN and Out and that’s where the idea began.”

Classically trained and a graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, RA Cook graduated with a degree in Illustration. An award-winning graphic designer and published author, she has worked in the newspaper, magazine, and book industry for over three decades. “I have designed many books for clients but my passion is writing and illustrating my own.” Semi-retired, Cook plans to publish new titles through her self-publishing company, HMA Publishing. A sequel for “Calvin Splinter & His Splendid Spinter Ideas” is planned along with several other children’s picture books. “You might see a sequel for ‘Going Out the IN Road too.’”

Look for RA Cook’s books at Island Studios, Griffin Bay Books, or purchase online at http://www.hmapublishing.com/shop; an ebook is available on Amazon.com

For more information about RA Cook’s books, to inquire about a review copy, or to schedule an interview, please contact Rebecca (RA) Cook at 360-610-3086 or email racook@hmapublishing.com.