Learner Limbach. (Contributed photo.)

Learner Limbach. (Contributed photo.)

Learner Limbach announces campaign

  • Sun Jan 19th, 2020 6:50pm
  • Life

Submitted by Learner Limbach

I’m running to serve as your next representative on the San Juan County Council.

We are living in an unprecedented time in history. We are witnessing the affects of climate change and ecosystem collapse right before our eyes. We have an economy that creates massive amounts of wealth but fails to distribute it equitably and leaves too many people struggling to get by. We are going through this world in many ways more isolated than in the past, increasingly deprived of authentic human connection.

While there is a tremendous amount of work to do, we succeed when we come together, when we lift each other up, and when we embrace new approaches and bold new ideas for solving our biggest problems.

Working together we can:

Take bold action to address the Climate Crisis;

Protect the Salish Sea and the natural environment of which we are a part;

Support a thriving local commerce and create a year-round local living economy;

Ensure everyone in our community has an affordable and dignified place to live;

Establish functional solutions for healthcare in the islands;

Improve transportation systems to work better for locals and promote car-free tourism;

Invest in growing the local food system and support our farmers to thrive;

Provide all youth with the support they need to grow into happy, healthy adults;

Expand senior services and create more opportunities for intergenerational connection;

As a long-time islander I have dedicated my entire adult life to serving our community. The San Juan Islands have been my home since I was a teenager. This is the place that I know, the place that I love. Serving as your representative on the county council would be an honor and if given the opportunity, I pledge to listen deeply, to act with integrity, and to fully commit myself.

Visit www.learnerlimbach.com to donate online and learn more about the campaign. Donations can also be mailed to Friends of Learner Limbach, PO Box 1996, Eastsound, Washington, 98245. There is a $1,000 total contribution limit per individual. Contributions of any size are gratefully accepted.