Learn business with the LFRC

  • Thu Mar 17th, 2011 4:17pm
  • Life

Are you interested in learning how to move forward with your new or existing business? 

 The Lopez Island Family Resource Center has several upcoming opportunities as part of their ongoing Employment and Life Skills program.

On March 26, they will offer an Online Business workshop and one-on-one time with business consults.  

Business coach James Dunn returns to Lopez to teach an Online Business workshop. 

 Participants will learn what it takes to get their new or existing businesses online.  

Topics covered will include domain names, web hosting, creating great content, getting customers, and promoting your website through social media. 

 Dunn will help you identify what you’re really selling and determine how a website will help your sales.   

Dunn is an entrepreneur with a combination of business and non-profit management experience.  

For the past four years, he has worked as  a business trainer in Seattle at Washington Community Alliance for Self-Help, a nationally-recognized program which empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with limited resources.  

Dunn has been to Lopez twice before and is known for his lively, interactive teaching style that keeps participants engaged.

Also on March 26, Bruce Wiggins, a business coach from CASH, will offer one-on-one business consults.  

Wiggins has owned businesses ranging from a computer retailer to an environmental certification company to a printing and bulk mail processing company.  

Through these experiences, he has learned firsthand the fundamentals of what it takes to make a business work. 

 Wiggins said he is looking forward to working with business owners on Lopez to help them arrive at their goals.  

He aims to listen and provide a fresh perspective that will help them move forward with the greatest effect.  

Wiggins’ areas of strength are business model creation, cash flow, profit/loss analysis, and operations.

Beginning March 30, Adrienne Adams will help you implement your new online business plans by setting up a blog or website using WordPress, a free online service. 

 This class is a hands-on workshop requiring use of a laptop with wireless internet access (a limited number are available for those who do not have one). 

 Adams is founder and co-owner of Cloud Islands, a local internet design and marketing company.  

This WordPress workshop was taught in February and has been expanded into three sessions.  Class will meet on three consecutive Wednesdays.

The fee for Online Business workshop or a one-on-one consult is $30.  The fee for WordPress workshop is $35. 

The LFRC is able to offer these classes at these fees because of sponsorship by the San Juan County Economic Development Council, the Harvest Foundation, the Whitney Foundation, and United Way, as well as collaboration with the Lopez Library. 

 Space is limited and preregistration is required for all three.  To register or get more information, call Patsy at the LIFRC (468.4117) or visit the website at lifrc.org.