LCTN volunteers help build Shark Reef loop trail

Submitted by Lopez Community Trails Network.

Shark Reef trail is now a loop, thanks to an seven-year LCTN advocacy effort and two days of dedicated work by Lopez Community Trails Network volunteers, accompanied by volunteers from the American Hiking Society. Shark Reef is one of most heavily used trails on Lopez Island. In addition to providing beautiful and peaceful new scenery, the trail addition will reduce crowding in the salal-narrowed segments of the original trail. For those of you who expressed interest in performing trail work, watch for future announcements regarding construction of additional boardwalk in the marshy areas near the trail origin.

Trail development and maintenance is a significant part of LCTN’s work on Lopez. As with Shark Reef, our volunteers identify trail possibilities by electronic and on-ground research, advocate for public agency trails authorizations and respond to many requests for volunteer trail construction labor. Join us in thanking the efforts of Bob Walker and Steve Snowden, two of the fourteen members of LCTN’s leadership team.