Kenneth Burr: author of “Coming Out, Coming Home”

  • Sun Jun 14th, 2009 9:00am
  • Life

Kenneth Burr, part-time resident of Lopez Island, has written Coming Out, Coming Home. This book has the potential for increasing spiritual growth and development in our society. Although many books have been written about gay rights and pro-gay theologies, few have provided people with an opportunity to enlarge belief systems advocating Scriptural principles while embracing the possibility of gay spirituality. In our present culture many people feel the need to split the personal from their professional lives in order to maintain proper boundaries, and the private from the public in order to gain the acceptance of others.

This book provides the opportunity to find a deeper connection with yourself and others as you savor the stories of sexual minorities who have sought meaningful connections between their spirituality and sexuality. Expect to experience something profound when you find formerly rigid boundaries between God and gays begin to relax; Your God might be much larger than you ever imagined!

Kenneth A. Burr, MA, LMFT, is a pastoral counselor and a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in relational issues, and a part time resident of both Seattle and Lopez Island. ISBN: 0-7890-3843-9 Routledge Mental Health It is available at and