Joe Reilly and Allison Radell concert Friday

  • Tue Jul 10th, 2018 9:42am
  • Life

Joe Reilly, the much-loved troubadour who has brought uplifting music to Lopez for more than a decade, returns this Friday, July 13 for an intimate evening concert at Center Church. Joe will be performing this year with his wife, Allison, who appeared with him here in 2015. Allison’s debut of her original piano score, Detroit Suite, is well remembered for its elegance, power and beauty.

This concert, which is for adult audiences, will combine the diverse talents of both performers who now appear as the duo Spirits Rising. Joe and Allison compose original music, play a variety of instruments and collaborate on vocals. They describe their style as “music from the heart.” Local friend Jaime Cordova will accompany them on conga and cajon drums. Their concert will incorporate elements of jazz, folk, blues, hip-hop, rock, and traditional Native American music.

Heart will be a theme of this concert, as Joe and Allison will be here on their honeymoon. “We are so happy they are coming to Lopez to celebrate,” said their friend Rosie Sumner. “They truly are a very special part of our community, deeply loved for their music as well as the beauty of their spirits.”

Allison studied classical and jazz piano and enjoys experimenting with a variety of genres. In addition to Spirits Rising, she performs with a jazz collective and as a solo artist. Her music is “a commentary of my life and my community; reminiscing on the past, feeling the present, and anticipating the future.” Her debut album, Peachy Keyn, was released in 2014.

Joe, a singer, songwriter and educator, writes songs that are playful, engaging, joyful, and always have something meaningful to say. At the core of his message is an invitation to heal relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with the earth. Joe uses music to bring people together and build community, to create ways to “water seeds of compassion, joy, wisdom, and peace” in each other. He often works with children, empowering them to use song as a gateway to the wonders of ecology, the natural world and each other.

The concert will be held Friday, July 13 at Center Church at 7 p.m. Admission is by donation. A second concert with songs for kids and their families will be held outdoors on private land on Sunday at 6 pm. For more information, contact Amy Schmidt at