Invitation for an afternoon of free golf

  • Thu May 16th, 2019 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by the Lopez Island Golf Course

If you know that Tiger Woods won the Masters Tournament this year; that Lopez Island High School has one of the best golf teams in the Pacific Northwest; the difference between a driver and a pitching wedge; if you love to spend a couple of hours enjoying the beauty of a perfectly manicured, dark-green golf course that is open to the public; if you want something to entertain and delight you; then you might be interested in an afternoon of totally free golf at the Lopez Island Golf Course.

On Saturday, May 18, the Lopez Island Golf Course invites you to come and explore the beauty and vitality of this beautiful golf course. Many islanders don’t know that the course, built by Lopezians for Lopezians, is one of the best courses in all of the islands. It’s challenging for experienced golfers and yet very beginner-friendly.

On the free-day, come and play a round of golf by yourself or with an experienced golfer, borrow a set of clubs, walk or use a cart, and enjoy a wonderful experience at absolutely no cost. No reservation required. Come when you can and play as long as you want. Children over the ages of 8, who play golf, are invited.

For more information, call Lopez Island Golf Course at 360-468-2679.