Internationally acclaimed climate change author giving a lecture on Lopez

Submitted by Lopez Center.

On Friday, December 16 at 6 p.m. at the Lopez Center for Community and the Arts internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and Global TED speaker Per Espen Stoknes will be giving a lecture on Climate Change solutions and innovations. The Madrona Institute is sponsoring this event as part of their on going Climate change lecture series.

“The economic system keeps crashing. It’s time to install a new operating system”.

Fifty years ago, The Limits to Growth (1972) shocked the world by showing that population and industrial growth were pushing humanity towards a cliff. Today the world recognizes that we are now at the cliff edge: Earth has crossed multiple planetary boundaries while widespread inequality is causing deep instabilities in societies.

But an international team of scientists, economists, and multidisciplinary experts, led by Per Espen Stoknes, found that there is time to upgrade our economic system with five extraordinary turnarounds: Eliminate Poverty, Address Inequality, Women’s Empowerment, Transforming the Food and Energy Systems. If implemented in the next decade we can shift the economic system toward well-being for all within planetary boundaries.

Come join us for this exciting lecture and opportunity for a question and answer session with Per Espen following the presentation.

Per Espen Stoknes is a TED Global speaker, a psychologist with PhD in economics, and serves as the director of Centre for Sustainability and Energy at the Norwegian Business School in Oslo. An experienced foresight facilitator and academic, he’s also serial entrepreneur, including co-founding clean-tech company GasPlas. Author of several books, among them Money & Soul (2009) and the award-winning book: What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming (2015). His latest books are Tomorrow’s Economy (2021) on MITPress, and Earth For All (2022) with the Club of Rome. Per Espen has served as member of Norwegian Parliament, and on the EU Commission’s mission board on Horizon Europe’s Climate Change and Societal Adaptation. He has been a central contributor to the Club of Rome’s project.

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