Information to help access care at Lopez Clinic

  • Tue Apr 14th, 2020 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Karen Hattman

RN at the Lopez Island Clinic

For all people who use the clinic for your care, please fill out a release of Information form, if you have not to date. In order for the clinic to speak to whoever is caring for you at home, this form must be on the record. Please give permission to the clinic to speak to whoever would be caring for you at home. If there is more than one person, please list them. The forms can be picked up from a folder on the bench outside the clinic. Please fax or mail them back so we can scan them into your chart.

If there are people who are not cared for at the clinic, it would be great if you would just register yourself and family members with UW. This would be just in case you would need care and can not get off-island to your regular caregiver. You do not have to claim the clinic as your caregiver. We would just need to be able to create a chart for your care which we can not do without being able to have a patient ID number. To register, call the clinic number and hit #1 which we take you to a person who can register you. It is better to do this sooner than later and not in a crisis.

After this crisis is over, we can also use this number if you come to the clinic for treatment of an urgent need, such as a repair of a cut or sprain or broken bone.