Hummingbirds are hangin’ ‘round

  • Fri Nov 30th, 2018 12:44pm
  • Life

According to Russel Barsh of KWIAHT, the San Juans are experiencing an unusually warm autumn, “consistent with a trend (due to climate change) towards longer, drier summers” that extend into what used to be the start of rainy season.

“This phenomenon is accompanied by many conspicuous changes in the ecosystem. Hummingbirds are staying longer, and many are now year-round residents,” Barsh said. “There are jellyfish swarms and algal blooms around the islands this month – more typical of late summer than late fall. Some late-summer weeds are still flowering. Streams that usually begin flowing by November are dry, preventing trout from heading upstream to spawn.”

Barsh predicts more seasonal birds will become year-round residents, and the remaining native trout will cease to exist.