Coming Home

My dear readers, by the time this column goes to print I will be on my way back to the Seattle area from my five and a half year walkabout in Mexico. It will be good to be home and it is time (yes, it’s in my chart).

Mexico has taught me much about survival, the basics, limitations, beauty, love, legends, life and death and other innumerable lessons from a culture so diametrically opposed to ours. I have learned about fear, uncertainty, staying in the moment, living for today. I have learned Spanish and have seen everything from enormous wealth to dire poverty. It has changed me. I don’t know how much it has changed me, but it has changed me for the better.

I am coming home, to my own people, to my own land of the free and home of the brave. What I have gained is a complete appreciation of what it is to have the privilege of being an American. I have complete faith in my country to pull through these lousy times and come out as better people.

I will be local again, and will, of course, be visiting the islands as much as possible.

We will make it. We can. We are a country of “Yes we can.” My host country Mexico is very different…they don’t have the luxury of having dreams and the ability to manifest them in the way we do.

I am coming home to the land of the Eagle. And I am proud of my heritage. See you soon!

Aries (March 21- April 19): We now come into a week where you are able to get your feet back under you and begin to move forward. With all of the changes going on, this week will spark “outside the box” thinking and the drive to introduce something new. With Saturn still parked in your sector of relationship (though retrograde), you may feel someone close to you lacks discipline and drive, but don’t get too twisted over it. Communicate your needs; you have the fuel!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Thanks to Mercury’s placement now, you are able to think clearly and begin to come out from underneath any personal rubble. This week is about initiating and networking, brainstorming and gleaning information that will move you forward. You may be engaged in an education program now to gain a new career. If this is the case, good for you! The more we know, the better we do. New skills are what you need; tools for life. Stay on course.

Gemini (May 21- June 20): You’re not always the most practical person, nor do you score high on patience, but if you practice these two virtues you will be better off for it. There are plenty of distractions to derail you, so focus is necessary and right now you do have the power of focus. Use it well, tend to details even if you hate details. Your power of persuasion must be backed by substance now.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): After the glorious Full Moon in your sector of finances, you should be seeing results from your hard work. But don’t spend your new-found gains! This time is about scaling back and saving. Sometimes you get impulsive and just have to spend, so if you engage in retail therapy be sure to make it something you really need rather than something to make you feel better (unless it’s counseling). Patience, patience!

Leo (July 23 – August 22): With Mars stalled out in your sign, you have had trouble gaining energy to get things done, but you do have the gift of being methodical. This is really paying off for you now. If you’ve been forced to slow down due to a health issue, don’t despair. Do what you can, do what is most important and schedule things to give you the greatest advantage. The slowing down thing is annoying but you know how to fill your time well.

Virgo (August 23 – September 21): You have plenty of support for the changes you are undergoing. New people are arriving that can shift you from a state of confusion to clarity. This is good! As always, there is that room that’s a complete mess, but as this may be the only constant in your life, be happy with it! Change is so prevalent that familiar things are a bigger comfort than usual. Do be aware of those comforts and be glad for them.

Libra (September 22 – October 23): You are getting a breath of fresh air and you can think with more clarity now. The Sun and Venus in your sector of creative expression helps you jump off the seesaw and make decisions more expediently than usual. Growth and change is yours, and if others yell “not fair!” at you, only you will know if it is fair or not. Use your sense of ethics for yourself and don’t justify the wrong thing for yourself. What is called for now is living inside of our own skin and being comfortable there.

Scorpio (October 24- November 22): Your powers of investigation are strong, but be sure they are well placed. As the veil is very thin right now, you may be prone to negative influences if you’re not in an internal state of equilibrium. You are the fearless sign when it comes to uncertainty, but in these times where fear and suspicion are running rampant, do all you can to fend off those influences to establish and maintain your center.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): This week sees potential changes for you, especially if you are a November Archer. Your Ruler Jupiter in Pisces is happily helping you clean up the messes around your home life that Uranus created over the past few years. You have an opportunity to shift yourself into a situation that better suits your optimistic nature. Your home life is critical now and the more order you can establish, the better off you will be. Venus is in your sector of communication, helping you network for what you need and make it all happen.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20): This week brings you relief as the planets’ trigger points ease off and things are now in motion. Venus in your sector of money and self-worth is really working for you, and Mercury in your own sign helps you think clearly. Maintaining your center is critical, and while you may be stalled out in initiating something, you are able to tie up loose ends and clear space for the time of launch. Hang in there and stay within your means.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20): The Sun, Venus and Neptune all in your sign make you life more interesting that you prefer right now. But this is your birthday time, and as we all cautiously move forward you want to conserve your energy to be ready for your next step. You have plenty to keep you busy; one thing you really need to back off from is the need to analyze everything; things are not always what they appear to be, so don’t make up stories that aren’t reality-based. See what is there, which is a terrific circle of friends celebrating your birthday!

Pisces (February 21 – March 20): This week is about wrapping things up and putting them away, on several levels. You are a very deep feeling sign whether you want to be or not. Sometimes you feel you go overboard in the compassion department, but you do manage to give others what they need in the moment. Are you getting it back? Don’t forget to charge your own batteries and accept the genuine love and goodwill of those close to you. Jupiter continues to be a balm for your weary spirit and will be in this mode for you all year!